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Late available status. And with one exception, do not accumulate in the non available status. The one exception is the whole status. The San Francisco multiple listing service has a status called. Other melas often have something similar light temporary. What's draw? Properties status are temporarily not available and can. Therefore shown on public sites. It is normally rarely used and would apply when we can withdraw a property from public marketing for a reason like a seller emergency or unexpected property repair update were something else that's unexpected. In this status days on market do continue to accumulate, but the property is not publicly displayed. In San Francisco, it's traditionally a very quick and linear moved from active where shown on the Internet depending where it's shown to closed where it is shown. Rules around our data feeds, San Francisco amyloidosis data feeds say that recipients of the data, this land, their APPS and websites properties. Available status or sold status. If you're logged in user to excite or out your generally following via w virtual office website rules that allow display of more status. When the shelter in place director was issued back on March sixteenth. For example, we agreed with our sellers move our eighty two multi drive listening and hold status. So it no longer appears. And can be searched for on Zillow or any place else not even apps. and. Would traditionally be able to see other status. So is it for sale and why can't you see if you're done? So all the San. Francisco. Multiple listing service, can't control. With rules, what data is displayed under what listening conditions that does not have the technical ability to control how third third-party sites and APPs receive and translate their data feed into display on third-party sites naps. So because the industry is not completely inconsistently implemented industry data standard most sites either don't receive or don't understand a whole status so they strip the data out. Without, tempting further understand it. Which means that even if you are long Dan, you won't be able to see it. Not In an APP like real scout not on Scylla. Not. On Russia. So since. Don't understand the whole status. They delete and move on. So when listings are involved status on the San Francisco will ask they do accumulate days on market. The listing is not a late. When the listing is moves back to it available status. The days on market will include those days of the property was on hall status. Some markets track two days on market numbers. We do not. And here's an interesting conundrum between display not displayed available, not available. As of today, there are three hundred and fifty seven active listings, two, hundred and forty, seven in hold status, one, hundred and fifteen cancel expired. Since March sixteenth. Two hundred and forty, two more or listeners spending in three, hundred and forty two are inactive contingent status and additional seventy-one earn of PRI. Public. Marketing. Coming soon status. Wants to slide is active in active contingent. But what's really available are coming soon, hold an active status. So. Long.

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