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But there's a big homeless problem what about here our school systems ranked like almost the last we have california has twenty five percent of the population like living under the poverty line like we have we have impoverished people here we have the richest people in the country but we have a lot of the poorest people in the country and there's a lot of stuff that's not working and while gay marriage is good for according to most people including me doesn't crack my top hundred of things i'm interested in in terms of and i don't think it would crack the top hundred of the twenty five percent of people that are living under the poverty line and we haven't saying things like in i mean not first off there's barbed wire around every freeway sign and there stumping that always cracks me up it's actually kind of close the dawson's house which going makes me laugh used to do it my stand up routine which is there's a picture of a freeway on ramp being built and they build them out of cement they move you know three feet a week they form it up and they pour it out when you see the picture you look at it and you go oh they're tearing down that old freeway on overpass because it's covered in graffiti the answer is they're building a new freeway overpass that gets covered with graffiti every ten feet it grows that then section gets covered with graffiti which is insane that sad it's sad and insane this state in the city is just completely falling apart blind spot and you know fighting the nra good for you being a pioneer for gay rights great but a little more talk about the economy or jobs or schools or prisons or something probably move the needle not sure.

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