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I mean, they've had a number of guys that have gone to the pros back when I was playing chess to mcglockton and those guys with their even before then like, look they own it. They can on a date. I mean, they're they're the chance, but I think the competition that they had in the room those guys kind of battling out not only for their own set of shine. But for the room to be elevated and kind of up order tradition. I think that plays out. Well, I do believe to gas for sure I think making in the first round fairly Wilkins. I think Dexter Lawrence is a little on the line just because of the nature of the nose tackle position. We have seen in recent years guys that we expected to be first round picks Asia Robson jarran Reed guys that were more people movers run stuffers. They can kind of. Fall on draft day, just because it's such a a entry fascination with the rushers I believe he's on that border line. Even though I think he can do more than just be a pocket pushy inside, man. He's the hardest one for me to place right now mocks because I look where Doron pain veto via went last year. And I'm like Chan yeah to I. But they still went there. And I'm looking at you know, what I'm looking at now, I think Dexter Lawrence is going to end up in the first because he ran some freaky. He will fail the freaky forty and he didn't he pulled up with the leg injury the tape. He stays he just he's a straight down a metal rusher. But you know, who else was that way? John Reid read fell out the first, and then all of a sudden he showed out this year as a pass rusher. And so I think the question becomes you got a guy with rare size, rare athletic ability and Lawrence, can you coach up the pass rush? Because if you can't then those guys are falling into the into the I know..

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