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How did he ever campaign when there was twelve or fifteen of them up there on stage with Jeb? Certainly he was early. Yeah. That's an interesting point. There's also rumor that Chester Arthur was born in Canada. His father was a an itinerant minister who went from Vermont to New York to Kennedy. He was all over the place as a preacher and one rumor is that was in Canada when he and his wife gave when his wife gave birth to just a writer who became president. It was present under Garfield and became president Garfield. There's always been that contention that he was not born in the United States. That's with cruise weap- to look into that next time. We're on the show, Jim. I misspoke. Huckabee didn't run into sows and sixteen. I think last time he ran was. But anyway, there was twelve or fifteen of them on stage in cruises one. He ran in twenty Huckabee did run in two thousand sixteen. I'm pretty sure good. Thank you. I think he did. I I'll have to go back and look. But anyway, be that as it make more to come. I guest is Dr knowledge he is Charles right bloom, author of the all time book of fascinating facts and his website knowledge in a nutshell dot com, and we'll have a few more questions comments..

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