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Tara Hastings of wish TV AAC meteorologist joining us here on the hammer Nigel show Tara, Jason hammer here. One more thing before we let you go. I know we're wait early here. But is it going to be snow or ice or a combination? That's really going to create the problems tomorrow morning. I think it's going to be the snow. That'll be the issue, you know, about one or two inches is going to be a narrow band in some areas could pick up about two inches. And where you see that. Snowfall follow him out here right along I seventy that should be the biggest impact there. So are you still looking at the same forecasts for Saturday? Yeah. All eyes are of course on the weekend. Ray we've got another big storm that we are watching, and we could see a little bit of everything and all depends upon where the track of the storm is and how far north that rain snow line shifts, the right now parts of Indiana could be seeing a heavy band of snow could be talking about ice accumulation and could be talking about rain and everybody is also going to see some really strong winds. We're going to see wind gusts I twenty to thirty miles per hour. They're going to be picking up throughout the afternoon on Saturday into the evening could gust anywhere from thirty to thirty five miles per hour. And of course with snow and even the potential for some ice. We could be seeing reduced his abilities. And you know, some problems. Heading into Saturday throughout pretty much throughout the entire day. So of course, it we've got to fine. Tune the forecast as the days where on here. But right now, it still looks like we're talking that winter storm heading this way for Saturday..

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