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Demand in the ESPN app and subscribe to the lever darted friends podcast network featuring sap the sessions commodity and mystery gray new episodes every week please rate and subscribe it's all available the more tab of the ESPN at don van Natta the Pulitzer Prize winning journalist gonna join us here in ten minutes it's got a new show coming out I'm sure it will be excellent we're gonna talk to about that in a second I also want to talk about this new position that the NFL created which is a fixture of societal ills and also co producer of the halftime show of the Superbowl it's a totally new job and the only one qualified Ford's JZ and it's a smart move by Jay Z. to do it as a business man and it's a smart move by the NFL to do it I don't know if it will actually help with the social causes I guess we can wait and see we don't have to immediately assume cynicism weekends we can think that it's a a positive effort being made by people to bridge this gap that has been a plague for the lead for a couple of years now but it should help the halftime show absolutely which we can all agree is the most important thing for the NFL you know in room five what's going to happen there with the co production of the half time show because Big Boy got like four minutes in a firm with a car and then was swept away it's going to happen is JZ can actually talk three thousand into joining Big Boy this is where your leverage the relationship there you go in that world of that right there will help your some societal ills if you could just bring out cast back together right and avoid more maroon five there's so much pressure on this year's half time show in my opinion they have to get local Miami people to do it right like Rick Ross has to be in it and we cannot settle for DJ khallid okay and I fell because I feel like you're gonna go DJ Calvin Gloria Stefan and I do not no offense to the godmother Miami I do not want to see Gloria Stefan on the stage for this next Superbowl none of that please well what about pit bull like most people have to drive yeah start there I feel like we're not going to get it not what America wants we're not going to get it even though that's really what everybody wants people on the stage it's what I want and I'm projecting that on everyone else I don't think we're going to get it but we need to have uncle right do we have to have uncle there's no way that we need to have on our way out of your mind I'll go look needs to be there there's no chance of that I don't want to be in English J. Balvin bad bunny Rosalie yeah yeah yeah all this Latin urban music is really become like hot and it's played on English language radio stations all the time you want to grow the game you want to reach out to minorities how bout you have the bad bunny you know Jay valve I no worries at all star extravaganza I know we're getting we're gonna have to settle for like a mix and we're gonna get J. lo it's gonna be jailer during a halftime show I'm revealing it right now this year's half time show hello there about what is a rock you to do yeah can't you stand there and that's all we need him to do I love the idea of a road just in a suit wandering around the stage just doing nothing other than collecting money from every known media outlet in the world show me the money look on the stage you do I hope we can help if I was in charge I wouldn't but I think it be great if they did don van Natta is going to join us here and we really have to get to all two hundred forty things on magic Johnson's top six the less I will see if we have time for that before the end of this it's a good question I don't know how we're going to do that all the two hundred forty thing alphabetical lists are all alphabetical except movies top sixty movies which is godfather and then everything else alphabetic well there goes the big this is why you love the way you got to it task for.

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