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The numbers you are going to see of people committing suicide of people that are going to lose their resources their homes their jobs their businesses they may be relegated to losing those homes that will be out on the streets they will have no other choice because the sustainability of the money handouts and the dollar amounts in Hawaii are not sufficient the last four you have a state that will be financially compromised a sitting county that will be because there's no commerce there's this city has property taxes you don't have a job you're not paying your taxes you don't lose your house do they understand Bruce Anderson Serra park and others this is the real true devastation and governor he K. should recognize Caldwell should recognize that is the devastating consequence for Terry in his room the you are experiencing if the state if the city and county doesn't budge from this strategy if they're on point today into the following month you will take a look you take a look at what impact really is we were told that if we did not take the steps that we would have our health care system overrun I've got a tape of that it in back when talking with Josh over a month ago a month plus ago we don't have the capacity we don't have the rest was last time you heard the word respirator we don't have the personnel we don't have the beds I was in the hospital on the first of the month on April second there.

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