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Let's hope so so bizarre belong nap today's show it is super bowl week once the calendar turns over and we're gonna do a little super bowl week overs and unders this is all of us have covered many super bowls now uh so we can in no the beats of the week and we've seen the patriots more than enough jesus christ another week of the patriots yeah this will be the fifth getting ready to hit the fifth patriots super bowl on that i've covered look at that i outlined kenneth about that through nickel there to induce said if you've covered five patriots because my first one that i covered was the first giants patriots in two thousand eight two thousand seven season you've covered five super bowls for your favorite team i am almost thirty eight years old and my teams never played in the super bowl my lifetime there is a difference whittling we've talked about this western i covered pairs patriots in january of 1980 sick by the way we've got you beat you guys are out all night snowstorms sac in the mid '80s atmosphere energystar paper out it'll genesis them snowstorms all right today show hit the news what's going on around the league we will also as i said do the super bowl week over under and all yeah kevin pacha he is in orlando you might remember last year they they told counter or a body you're not going to the super bowl we're sending in the probowl which led to to the song this on earth.

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