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Komo news one thousand FM ninety seven seven. The legal road ahead may be a bumpy one with President Trump's declaration of a national emergency along the southern border shirt end up in the courts ABC's Aaron Katersky spoke with legal contributor, Kate Shaw or the courts want to weigh in on that debate of second guessing, the president of the United States on what constitutes emergency, historically. They are very reluctant to do that, right? They don't view themselves as experts in mashed matters of national security and defense, they want the political branches right chosen by the people to make those kinds of judgement calls, but they're not gonna stay totally hands off either. If they think there are clear violations of law that are being alleged by people who are going to challenge this declaration. And I think we're gonna see challenges, you know, as soon as the ink is dry on the actual declaration. And then there's a declaration the emergency declaration in particular. Authorities that the president is able to invoke once he actually starts invoke those in order to redirect money. I think we're not challenges almost immediately. And I think courts ordinarily would be really reluctant. But I think that these are fairly extraordinary circumstances. So I think it is quite possible. That courts, even reluctantly are gonna get drawn into the question of assessing how much of an emergency really exists to what extent can a president basically declare an emergency. Anytime he wants, you know, the statute that allows the president to declare an emergency really doesn't have a lot of limitations in it. So he can I think it's basically right that he can declare an emergency. Anytime. He wants the things the declaration itself doesn't actually do anything. Right. It's just a statement. What happens next there once the president, declares an emergency? They're all of these legal authorities the president essentially unlocks and a lot of those statutes that create those powers in the president, those statutes have particular standards written into them. So even though it's basically standard his ability to declare the emergency. Once he tries to actually do things because of this new state of emergency there. I think he does have to ordinarily satisfy are often satisfy particular legal requirements things like an objective showing of necessity or military need, and I don't think he can just sort of say, I think it's necessary. I think there's a military need there. I think the courts are going to probably take a look at the kinds of arguments that he makes in defense of the necessity of these particular moves, and I don't know which way they're going to come down didn't get enough of the snow this week. Komo's Brian Calvert has an offer that may be hard to refuse when the snow fell around here earlier this week. Former resident Diane mcferrin recalled her days of dealing with the snow in Seattle..

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