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Dad was really emotional when he was there because he's so a lot of people that looked like he's dead so it was just for me was really surreal experience. What always regret that alarm wasn't that because she decided now bite and work an extra two weeks before coming here and it's Yeah is amazing so anyway now is childhood yes you grew up in kangaroo ground your son of research research next kangaroos around but yeah at in the in the northeast. You your family's actually well you your daddy's Indian right. He was born in India from English back Anglo Indian as they as they described born India third generation born there or he's great grandfather went to India after the athlete Hana's India and then was born. There grew up there and then came to Australia. Okay what sort of your memory of your childhood. Coco's that's a good question. We actually having this conversation a couple of nights ago about half. I can think back. And whether it's you saying photos and then we know remembering all But not actually remembering the actually happening yet because you remembering a memory yet correct but the funniest thing was we were talking about. This and one of my earliest memories is that I was always an entertainer. Which is weird. Because I'm a pretty introverted. Now but back then I was I was quite extroverted and seeing a of John. Farnum fight mark singing John Farnum. That's the earliest thing I can ever remember but really I had a really blessed child. That's the only thing. Yeah I think that would be. That's my earliest song. Choice always with voice. You're the vice. Yeah it was interesting recently. I just got give my yours all types and we were watching him and there was an ad that John Farnum did four like the mold. The new book straight in the eighties at. It's such an amazing. I'd like the way that I like. Got People down. There is sort of like a fair almost and that's really funny like Hell. That was influence a marketing ban. So I mean I can get stuck in John Fong Youtube Vortex for way. Just watch on them but so funny he was an icon back in the you. Watch the the fire. The Bushfire Relief Concert nive washing. Hey dominated that yeah. Yeah good idea. I was amazed that I didn't actually fucking here about this concept until it had happened. I signed I think the first time I heard about it was three days out or two days avenue and advert on TV Johnson. Being like we're going to be covering day is my problem. I don't watch a lot of Standard Network unless like just comes on automatically on the TV anymore like well listen generation generation. My my mom was still watch you know. Let the news in the background stuff. That which is interesting. I mean I had some might sell a CHARLOTTA channel seven which would come out in April saw. We'll be the first time in probably years highlighting show to watch. Yeah another thing about is like when I'm at night sitting on the couch and like maybe I'll look at twitter assignment that everyone's talking about math zero. I can't I haven't watched did but I was like I wonder if it's still on just WanNa see what it's what it's about an like. I got the clips. This is people arguing all time. There's a show on afterwards. That Lauren law watched it. It's called first dates. Yeah Fuck it was actually like sometimes that stuff is kind of wholesome. It can be a real. Tv CAN BE CON- for the life of me understand. Reality TV are made. I'm not just could be made but I don't I don't get it like I mean why not. Just certain ones like I`ll. I'll watch master chef because I like sort of. I guess the story and had a couple of friends contestants on master chef and so that then anything to do with a May maybe. I'm just not into that sort of draw about like it's it makes. It makes me anxious when I'm watching this. I'm like all my God. Can you imagine yourself being in a scenario like actually ran the corner office? Add someone on the white of the Maka one day. Asked me whether I want to be on these shows? What wasn't I think it was married? A first batch law does yeah. Yeah there was some scare from channel nine. I'm like carrying this Nanna roller bag. And she's like. Do you want to be a high from Channel Nine? I'm a scout and do you want to consider being reality TV. I'm like maybe depends and then she's like married a facade and I'm like I'm engaged. I remember when the first big brothers like the original gretel killeen. Big Brothers were happening and everyone was like. Oh my God you should be on big brother and you should go and big brother all this stuff and I was just like you. WanNa be that person who's becomes eight and from big brother? My personal preference is now but Yeah just not into it but like the same sort of back to that thing about television. It's sort of. I think everyone just gets their content net like what she's Youtube and you can watch enough stuff on on your device now. There is the reality. Tv than. And I think if I think about the people that I've interviewed on. Tv in the ones that have come out. Wholesome the only real one I can think of is someone like Sam would and in that case is very rare because he went in for the right purpose and he had good intentions. Yeah breads marced people who go umbrella gray so that that was the lesson for me and it's quite obvious that in in ninety nine point nine nine percent of chances may being spin reality. Tv There's no fucking way. Would you think that? Do you think it's changed now? Even that was only what four four years ago five years ago. That Sam was on that that it's now just about drama like it's now just about writing. It's not actually match people who are going to be good for each other. We're going to create good. Go Tavis Tavis. But they would advertisers. We think it's good day and then it's no way. Calloway's kill me now to talk about your ill the I guess Korea winters ads. Yep He didn't actually board you to stay with mates which is fascinating when you just sort of like. Hey Can I. I was the I was the third child and my Go-to Saigo into parade. And then so there's and there's this gap between my brother and I and so I think by that time my parents just like you'll be right. Let you might say that all before so but yeah I mean really lucky had such amazing friends and things like that and I. I would stay at my friend's places after school inside the not dare and then go to school. The next I not not not every day did do the air and a half two hour bus ride each way most most days which is why when I finished school. I didn't WANNA keep going go straight back into view because I just didn't want to do that anymore. But yes so but I had a pretty Pretty good friendship from there. That would let me bold at the place and their parents would look after they. Its you studied naval architecture. Are My team. I remember chatting about this because I was fascinated with her. When I was at high school. I thought yeah. I'm going to be a naval architect. But then you ended up as a copywriter. Yeah so riddle me. How the transition from budding naval architect to that well it took me five years to find out that's what I wanted to do naval architecture At because growing up in high school I was so against the system of even from that age. I would always push back. And we'd have you vocation adviser. Who would help you do what you want to do. When you're older and these are the subjects you should do and I was always like how you meant to know when you fifteen. Sixteen gone into year eleven. That what you want. When you're older which would influence the subjects that you had to picking your eleven to get the school that required to then getting to the course that you wanted to do so many things change and I just thought it was so much pressure. Always be like well. I don't know we don't want to do what I want to do. When I finished school I did my work experience as a dentist really because I wanted to grow growing up. I thought I wanted to be a dentist because I had braces. When I was a kid you could probably tell us fuck male but hey drove a really us Mercedes and I was like jeeze if he can. What are you? What are you going to do to try to name exactly? So you know and that's how you know as a kid. My brain thought about that but it was. I didn't know what I wanted to do And then we'll do the most broad subjects possible to give you a school where you can choose lighter and it was Maths methods French chemistry biology English obviously And so once I finished school. I moved to Byron Bay. I went to school. He's I didn't come back for six months. Eight months or whatever and just stayed there and worked up there and lived up there with a couple of nights and a regular thing in your good stay. Sorry yeah and I didn't even check my. I didn't even check my score until sometime in February like I just didn't didn't worry about it didn't because I just knew that. Hey the decisions I was going to make. We're all going to come later on in my life. I wanted to travel a lot and I spent like those first five years. Working six months traveling working six months traveling And then finally got to the realization. I was like hey gro you know grew up down the Sorrento my life. Every summer love the WOULDA loved drawing level that sort of the creative of illustration things like that and I was like well. I'm going to be a navy locked it. They all want to design boards and I did get a helping hand from that movie. The island where he's he's yacht designer in that movie and I was like that. That's that's a pretty sick career like it would be to do that so I went and studied. There's only two places look back. They're not ever done back then. There was only two places you could do it. University of New South Wales and the maritime college percent so did the engineering half in Melbourne. And then halfway through that went to South Africa. I'm for the Football World Cup in two thousand and ten and just the required. Benetton out of there but when we were there. The public transport system wasn't sort of sit up for a massive end like that. So everyone hide cars so everyone was driving around in Hidekazu from location to location following the teams and things like that so there were the locals. Was selling these flags that went on your car window mirrors so you could identify. Everyone could identify what country that will form. So you'd be you'd pull up to the lots obeys God's on the Straits on a couple of Bucks. Stay sort of socks that went over here. Revision mirrors that had the country. You're from flag.

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