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So as I mentioned earlier when I'm going through my headache list I check for if my ponytails too tight, wander caffeine food, and then I also relax my shoulders I them, so if you have not dropped your shoulders today, go ahead and do that with me now and relax your jaw. If you have your teeth clenched, or your tongue cemented to the roof of your mouth. Relax, those muscles to those are all very important. Relax your temporal muscles as well. Your jaw is actually anchored up there, too. There are many large and small muscles and your craniofacial area, so your face your head, and even down the top part of your jaw, and your neck, and these are all anchored to your skeleton. That's the way that you're muscular. Skeletal Anatomy Works. The muscles have to be anchored to something. So if these muscles especially those like you're terrified or your master, these muscles that are associated with chewing and with your jaw. If those become too tight, it can cause a lot of pain as it relates to that area of your head, and so with your head, and your neck remember, that's where all of these nerves and muscles and blood vessels are, that can result in a headache so loosening those up by relaxing, those muscles can vary much help. Relieve a break. It may sound silly the name saying that. That you should drop your tongue from the roof of your mouth or make sure that you are not clenching your teeth per se because you're like. Hey, it's not my teeth hurt. It's not my tongue that hurts, but they could really be contributing to your headache by causing that stress, whether that is physical, or whether these are physical manifestations of your mental or emotional stress, so it's important to keep those in mind, and perhaps fall along with some of those relaxation exercises that we have discussed in previous episodes. You can also do some mindful meditation if you'd like to alleviate stress from the mental and emotional places in the self rather than just the physical for me, I tend to carry all of my stress in my stomach and in my musculoskeletal system. So I..

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