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Jaffe. I'm Rick van Cise in our editors. Jeremy grater eleven victims are dead, along with a suspect in a shooting at a municipal center in Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach police chief says the shooter was a long-time public utilities employees, the rest now in this morning, stabbing death of a man in Kirkland's Kingsgate neighborhood. That also left a woman severely wounded police arrested the man in Redmond. Oh, the. Y. L C O does. What a finish. Eight young spellers are celebrating a remarkable eight way tie in the scripts national spelling bee, I was very happy. When I realized, yes, there was a chance that we couldn't be octa champs. The competitors were so good. Dr Jacques Bailly told them the judges were at a loss for words throwing the dictionary, you and so far, you are showing this dictionary, who is boss. ABC's Ryan burrow, joins us on the KOMO Newsline with more on this unprecedented ending to last night's competition never before in ninety four years Ryan called the Octo chance. They've been called the elite eight three and a half hours in that final round. They hit every single word those eight. They went through twenty rounds in total forty seven words, five consecutive perfect round, we've had co champions before from two thousand fourteen to twenty sixteen in fact, but never going to be to see how scripts spelling bee forward with this, because while it is interesting and exciting. And obviously we're talking about this amazing feat today. I don't know if it's something they've got an appetite for down the road. There may be some tweaks there may be some movement. There may be some changes to prevent something like this from happening because either the kids are getting really, really smart. Be there studying a little bit better or C E competition level. Just is not there, and they need to make things a little more. Challenging think about that. They ran out of words. Look, there are thousands, the hundreds of thousands millions of words out there, but they felt like they had already gone through all of the challenge where that they needed to barring going to words like cat and ball. It just wasn't worth it for that. Why they that's why they ended it. And this caused them a lot more money than they thought it would. Yeah, but that fifty thousand dollars per student, they're all going to get trophies. They're all going to get those fifty thousand dollars. It's wonderful to think about. But you have to think that they were not expecting to write a check they were hoping maybe just one or two. Now, some of the kids said that they were going to save it for college. And this is what one winner said. It's the culmination of months and even.

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