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We're gonna go next to your home state shore down the shore where there is very interesting activity involving little part of President Trump's tax plan. Oh, guess what? His son-in-law Old Firm is involved in invest, wait. What moment it's a wait. What Caleb Melby? He's good at those. He's gonna join us quite shortly. But before we get to that. Let's get back to John Tucker for an update on the trading day. All right, Jason Carroll major indexes slumping for another day. But we are seeing some resilience. That is a composite index of some of the large tech stocks pulling the measure up from a loss that at one point today. Top two percent. Looking at shares of Netflix among the FANG stocks right now that is up about two dollars to seventy seven forty one the financial markets. Do remain volatile on bets that the traitress between China and the US won't last after the arrest of always chief financial officer. You know, there's for markets being welcomed by some Jim Coulter is the co CEO of a T P G for us in some ways. This is a positive development to see though tilde come back into the marketplace. Private equity were set up as industry within natural hedge we own a number of assets. But we also have substantial uncalled capital where a correction or a new environment. Actually creates opportunities for us Bancshares of right now, they are lower treasury yields slide to the lowest since August. Traders have started to doubt that the Federal Reserve is going to raise rates even wants next year's the economic growth seems to falter we have the ten year yield right now two point eight six percent. Crude oil is in helping that is down about two point four percent. That's NYMEX and Brent. And that is pushing the energy shares lower s and p five hundred down forty three points, but declined of one point six percent duster my average four hundred forty nine points lower. Down one point eight percent. And the NASDAQ composite index fifty seven points lower right now down eight tenths of a percent. We check the markets for you every fifteen minutes during the trading day right here on Bloomberg radio. I'm John Tucker..

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