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So it was really more more than anything for me a reminder that I should be thinking about that Jato question. I mean you're talking about, you know, earlier this summer, Paul, George Johnny operation to he looked great in Cumulus stuff in Vegas. I was there in song the final offend tacit, you know, Westbrook participate in that some. But yeah, it's just it's just something to monitor when guys get in their thirties, you know, every time you get caught open, you know, that's that's something to pay attention to. You know, there's also staying his kind of. The kind of the old phrase, their social thing is minor surgery. It happens to you, but it's really just there's a minor surgery period begin cut open. It's something to pay attention to, and you know, I'm certainly hoping that Russell west comes back in just fine. But you know, it is something monitor when you have a guy that every penalty relentless tide that many procedures done on his knee. At this point, we can go to Phoenix another injury thing. Devin Booker recently underwent surgery. He had an issue with his right hand that had a six week timeline from when the surgery occurred, which would if it were rigid and injury, projection time should never be considered that way. That would be the night of their third regular season game incidentally, also against the warriors. And so with Booker, there are these weird questions about what the Suns are, what they're playing for this year. But Devin Booker is in an integral part in whatever they do. So again, the ideas you wanna make sure that he's right before everything starts and something that Bobby March brought up. Is that Booker. Does have an escalating part in his contract if he gets basically, if you qualify for a designated rookie situation and it's not so much busy, three games if that's really what ends up being. But if this becomes more of a lingering thing than it lowers the likelihood of that, and so that would theoretically take some money off the table for him. But I think in many ways, the more important part is Devon Booker is so important to the offense and anytime he either misses or isn't right, is important for them. Yeah. I mean, you look at the way son's, have you know, kind of diagram their off-season. It certainly looks like yorker Gorshkov. The new coach in Phoenix is going to basically turn us Devon Booker. As you know what of Mitchell was for the jazz last year, which aims hardened was for the for the rockets last couple years and really be like, hey, you know that your team go from the team and be the point guard and had the ball in your hands at all times. Right? So if you're if you're gonna if you're gonna play him extra shot care center or one of these other guys essentially have him be the guy. I don't really. Have another proven point guard on the roster. You know, it's a pretty big loss, not have him not only not in around the start of the season, but also not have him around for the entire preseason. You're talking about a new coach on a Team, New players trying to get a new system in place, and you don't have your full KOMO your offense of Anibal for, you know, at least the first month of the, you know, the entire preseason. That's a big blow to them. And you know, it is kinda weird that this happened now Booker was having issues with this and on all the way back to March there. I haven't really gotten an explanation as to why it had to happen now. I know there was some kind of swelling recently, but the timing of that seemed odd that you wouldn't just get it done sooner, but that being said, you know, now we'll see what the sons do. I know they really like Elliott Kobo there. The thirty first pick in this year's draft. Checkers started every game and summer league, which in ebor is new coach was coaching. So not surprised we'd off their descend the offense to hand out the Anthony Melton who had just picked up in the Phoenix trade are in Ryan. Trey should say, who who could maybe step in place minutes for them right away. You know, they've got, they've got some to figure out, but obviously, the biggest thing, like you said is that the guy who really.

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