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Morning because the coach spoke Jimmy Garoppolo as we all know took a lot of criticism after the forty niners super bowl loss on Sunday after missing some crucial throws late yesterday. Cal Shanahan was asked about the confidence. He has in his quarterback. Same as it was the day before the Super Bowl. I mean there's no different. I mean he was on his way close to Super Bowl. MVP and we all know we didn't didn't make those plays thin and whenever you don't make those plays at the end of the game like that first and foremost corvettes can get attacked and then usually the play caller so I'll we understand that's all goes. What did you think of that might ten about? I was a little disappointing disappointing. You have to unconditionally support your players. And there's a time and place to reflect in May and April May June. But right now your audience is the Locker Room Greeny Greeny and you have to love your players unconditionally. And have their back. And I don't think that was was he said there that you took issue with well just the fact that he he went on to say that there was options in those plays and the players were executed better. Well yeah that's probably true but there's a time and place for that greedy again. They just lost the biggest biggest game of the year. You have to support Jimmy Garoppolo. Barring something unforeseen is. You're starting quarterback. Next year your whole organization has to know that the head coach believes in him. I mean he did say that he did did say that he still believes in him. He did say that he was the. MVP that game through three quarters all of which is true once and for all because we have an energy here all week long. Do you blame the coach of the quarterback for the forty niners losing. Ah blame them both. And why because they're both at fault number one. I blamed Kyle. Shanahan don't put Jimmy G. in that situation now you might be saying. He's a quarterback he makes one hundred thirty seven million dollars. What do do you mean? Don't put them in that situation. Give the ball to your best players in situations like that. Here's the problem Greenie with with so many analytics.

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