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But but. You scared are you a chicken? But. I, love chicken. I thought that was a highlight, not a low light I'm building sound drops and I will be keeping your box. Book. I Love Chicken Game Are you a chicken? And the emphasis on the word chicken is really well done. Are you picking? It's really well done I. Love the video I actually did reach out the Chris after the video just to tell him that was a great video. Just. Great stuff and given US incredible podcast lead material. I mean, we're we're at half hour deepened as we can. We can move on but that was. That was good stuff. Great to hear that that game is still on December twenty six wonderful day after Christmas as well, and and so there we go and let me fast forward to. December twenty six after Christmas everybody will be watching the pregame handshake like, ooh, what's going to happen what's going to happen? They're gonNA both smiles right. They're gonNA both laugh and they're going to shake hands and hug each other that's correct and they're going to privately want to kill each other. Couldn't ask for more. I, love it. I I love. John. Dig It in I love Chris having Perfect for. Any rivalry but especially, that rivalry like you said, let's move on. How testing may or may not work to the upcoming college basketball season has been a big story in the sport norlander wrote about it the other day we're going to get into that.

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