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Joe Bynes, arguing President Trump's failed to protect America. So now he's trying to scare America. The former VP travel to Pittsburgh and said violent protests are happening under President Trump's watch on by and call them images of Donald Trump's America. The sheriff of Kenosha County in Wisconsin says there have been over 200 arrests during events following the police shooting of Jacob Blake is Sheriff David Beth said Over half of those arrested were from outside the city. Blake was shot in Syria. Really injured last Sunday. Protests began soon after that President Trump is planning a trip to Kenosha to visit with law enforcement. Tomorrow, Portland's police chief, and Mr They could use some more help with protest as that city's mayor and the president escalate their war of words. Portland's mayor rejected President Trump's latest offer to send in federal resource is to help deal with violent protests. But police chief Chuck Leavell was asked over the weekend after a trump supporter was killed. How he plans to keep dueling sides apart. Moving forward level says they have a finite resource is I think the best we can do is message to people that we want a safe city. We asked him not to come downtown or tease other places with firearms. He was asked if it's time to bring in the National Guard. Yeah, I think we need Additional resource is, as we see these things developed. It may get to that point President Trump called the mayor of Portland weekend pathetic. Mayor Ted Wheeler blamed the president for the violence and called him racist. Texas Democrats continue their push to expand mail in voting for the November election. Their lawsuit today went before the fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Texas Solicitor General Kyle Hawkins told the judges there's no evidence the expansion is needed. He played us have not put on any evidence that outside of pandemic circumstances voting by mail is any less burdensome, didn't voting by personal appearance, Louisiana Governor John Bell. Edwards says the Southwest parts of his state hit by Hurricane Laura will likely be without power for three more weeks. And he says that creates a deadly situation for those trying to rebuild because there's no air conditioning, the heat and humidity today across Louisiana but particularly the affected communities. The Heat index is going to be between 105 108, he says. There is still more than 10,000. Hurricane Laura evacuees who are living in Louisiana hotels. Another 4000 are being sheltered here in Texas. The death toll from Laura and Louisiana remains at 14 8, Erling to carbon monoxide poisoning. Get the latest news anytime anywhere. Just tell your voice activated. Smart device to play news Radio 1200 wook Ion I Heart radio. I'm Carrie. Lucky of news, a radio 1200 W. Away. Ay. You could.

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