Bob Bucher, Victoria, Bob Ukraine discussed on Wisconsin's Morning News with Gene Mueller


Area here upon showing in the arena. We'll go back to Victoria see? Mm hmm. Wow. Hmm. Celebrant. Wow. Big Doria service set up. I love that. I don't know what he's saying. He could be telling me victorious. I certainly can hear Vogel back in there and again. They let it breathe. Right. You let that incredible crowd response. These This was the first time in their history, they have had a walk off Grand Slam home run to win it. In their history. That's pretty cool, 50 plus years. Well, I mean, it's There's some unusual things that have happened in Major league baseball this year. You know, look at that kid that pitched a no hitter on his first time coming out. Just go. Wow, It's just It's really It's fun to watch and after After what we've been through, and it's so nice to see the fans just given the love and appreciating what they're able to participate in. And let's give some love and appreciation for the legend Bob Ukraine say this one for last because again we are lucky to have this guy calling our brewers games. This is the same scene. As told by the legendary broadcaster the Brewers. Mr Baseball, Bob Bucher. Drive to right,.

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