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And it just didn't realize that you know in san francisco the wind and everything in the gun kind of didn't go up in the air it kinda went straight been ricocheted him eric killed her he aimed at her back he took direct aim he fired she died case closed he was illegal immigrant he had been deported fivetimes he was a man with a criminal record he was a convicted felon he had no business being in america none whatsoever and let me tell you who i think has blood on his hands it's not just got sia is that at day it's the moonbat mayor of san francisco the moonbat chief of police of san francisco and every stink king open borders republican and democrat who have aided and abetted this invasion of our country and that's what it is it's an invasion of illegal immigrants whom we know nothing who they are or where they come from or what their background is but we just say come on in la affect come on in baby and we let him into our country and cates finally is one of many victims she's not the only one she's far from the only one and these losers can't even pats pass case law that says if you've been deported from this country several times the next time you get deported you should be arrested on the spot they can't even do that in her honour in her memory this man this animal should be convicted and if there was any justice should be sent to the electric chair and i'll tell you why i'll tell you why who's gonna give kate stanley her life back you want to talk about dreamers liberals you love the socalled daca beneficiaries you loved the dreamers what about kids time these dreams what about her dreams getting married having a family.

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