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Would do enough what can you offer Canadians one well we know that consumers don't really believe that there is climate crisis and the liberals have talked a good talk but they don't deliver real action we're gonna and costly subsidies in order to make sure that we invest in clean energy we're not beholden to the powerful oil and gas lobby is the way the liberals are written for people and there's one thing that all the campaigns agree on making life more affordable for Canadians my government will lower taxes and put more money in the pockets of Canadians the first thing we'll do is keep moving forward to make your life more affordable enough's enough let's stop it so our plan is basically gonna say family's money both liberals and conservatives have pledged to cut taxes though they differ on how to do it the economy is healthy but Canadians are carrying high debt loads and housing prices are climbing leaving many feeling uneasy about their financial future with both climate and the economy top of mind we ask Canadians what's more important to them the environment is far more important to me than the economy you can't have one without the other I'm going to have to see the environment although we still live in a capitalist society so people do need money as a business owner employee forty people as forty families have to take care so yeah the economy is very important voices of voters in Toronto will four years ago with his election win Mr Trudeau became something of a poster boy for liberal democracy and losses happened since then the neighboring USA has a new president Mr Trudeau doesn't always see eye to eye with him at home Mr Trudeau's reputation has been tarnished by allegations of corruption and during the campaign past instances of him wearing black or brown face widely accepted as racist caricatures came to light so what are his chances of re election live in Vancouver is shot she co director of the Angus Reid instituted Canadian holding think tank welcome ceci to the program hello thank you for having me how much of this is a referendum do you think on Justin Trudeau it is most significantly that it is quite unprecedented in Canadian politics to see leader a party elected with a significant majority mandate really find himself fighting for his political life a mere four years later usually incumbency counts for something it represents an advantage but here we have Justin Trudeau and the liberals after just one term having suffered a fairly spectacular fall from grace now it doesn't mean that they're out of it all together but certainly in in a fight for their lives that I don't think anyone would have seen coming to even one full year ago if people are turning away from him who are they looking to instead well that's the key Justin Trudeau hasn't just been a poster boy around the world for a progressive set of values that was very much the case among Canadians who split largely sort of between sixty five and seventy percent on the left of the political spectrum in the other thirty five to forty percent tend to tilt to the right the challenge for Mister Trudeau is among that large left of center base they have a lot of options so there are the greens led by Elizabeth may which is the party that really professes the the most purity particularly on the climate change file what's counting against them as they're seen as a one issue party quite largely you've got the new Democrats and and that sort of the Canadian equivalent of labor so much more driven by social social the social economy socialist policies are promoting things such as a universal pharma care plan that would cover the cost of prescription drugs as well as universal child care so let the government take care of the people their leader Jack meet saying as have quite a remarkable campaign started it looking as though he would send his party into oblivion on election day with with really shrinking diminishing numbers he's really come on strong in the last two weeks and that may be enough to save his own leadership and allow the party to break even but of course the left of center vote has a lot of options as I mentioned it's also and it tore Isley shifty vote and what I mean by that is conservative voters on the right side of the spectrum are very certain about who they're going to vote for they're not going to change their mind they're quite unshakable the left of center with all of these options are still even at this late hour not entirely locked in with who they'll vote for and the big question mark among a lot of these left of center voters they tend to be younger eighteen to thirty four years old and it's also a question mark as to whether they'll even show up at the ballot booth so we have a lot of known unknowns we call them this them again let me bring my guests in with maybe a question to you far what's in your mind well I've been fascinated by Jack meet sayings recent price especially with him being I believe induced by Rhianna he's your head to me on that one but if you could please Instagram stories are but like rocky montage with him training in the gym and so on and he has got not charismatic preacher appeal but what I'd love to ask shot she's is about what you feel the appetite among young voters is for strategic voting in times of possibly dividing the splitting the vote him on the left how do these young voters feel about that sort of thing well of course that is the cautionary tale that now at Justin Trudeau who who it went four years ago from being the youngest freshest out hottest face on the campaign trail among his opponents to being the group the the the the proverbial Gravier he's now the oldest apart major party leader so you know Mr saying that Mr sheer have largely replaced him in terms of being the younger fresher faces and it's Mister Trudeau who is making the case that a vote for anything but a Liberal Party will result in the conservative government Mr saying is had a fairly affable and an apt response to that which is sort of along the lines of Hey man vote your conscience don't don't vote a certain way because somebody's telling you to do that vote for what you really want you might as well you you might just get what you really want strategic voting is always an issue but with with a persuasive argument like that we'll have to see where people really land I'm feeling full from you yeah I know I was just wondering with with that if he does actually lose because as you say there are lots of unknown unknowns and we don't know what's going to happen do you think his legacy will be that he was actually a fake progressives it's it's interesting and an excellent question it was he a fake progressive or was he someone who simply built up an expectation in standard for himself that was ultimately unachievable if you look at the platform from twenty fifteen for four years ago the Liberal Party they promised you know everything to the moon and back they promised reconciliation with Canada's indigenous communities look that's something that government hasn't been able to achieve in a hundred years they were going to do it in for he promised the ability for Canada to suddenly meet its Paris targets no government regardless of their rhetoric in in in western Europe or North America is really on track to do that so he promised big over promise under deliver and the greatest problem for Mr Trudeau I believe this time around is the fact that he he styled himself as a leader who would do you politics more differently more ethically more transparently and he is paying for the price of breaking those promises right now as we head into the last twenty four hours of this campaign could we be in coalition territory here do you think well I think it's important to note that a true coalition government hasn't had been had in I think something like four generations it's been a very long time what we have seen minority parliaments in Canada and of course we're styled after the Westminster system so rather than having a formal coalition partner where someone from a second party is a member of cabinet they will I have situations where a party with the fewest votes in parliament tries to govern on a case by case confidence vote by confidence vote basis that was something that conservative prime minister Stephen Harper was able to do for two full terms until he won a majority in twenty eleven and regardless of who gets the first crack at attempting to form government in is invited to do so by the governor general which is the queen's representative in Canada they will I am sure rather than looking into a formal coalition which are then beholden to probably try to make the attempt to say to each of the parties look will work with you you can ask for what you get we don't want to be beholden to a a particular agreement but let's try to make this work on a vote by vote basis okay very good have you thought thank you very much indeed a stretchy co director of the Angus Reid institute that Canadian holding think tank as Canadians vote in the next twenty four hours or so you're listening to weekend see the full of the Berlin Wall.

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A new story from BBC World Service

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