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And then she asked tasha to watch her two young kids for the night, half joking, her daughter said, quote, I gonna kill pricey in yourself. Catherine said. No, of course. Not. Now now now now now now now now now now you just need to take the kids in, oh, that's the number of knows. Nine. Yes. So Catherine left her daughter's house at about eleven o'clock to go kill pricey. Now, guys, we're about to be heading into gold star territory. I don't. Where'd we talk about this for hand? We don't know of even is anymore because of the nature of of humanity, but just just know it's get kinda fun. You'll get your gold star shirts off and be ready to listen to this next little stretch content, warning content. Pricey was already in bed by the time. Catherine showed up at eleven thirty pm. Sakano thrim sat and watched Star Trek on TV for a bit, then began her preparations earlier that day. Katherine had swum by the thrift store bought a little piece of black, lingerie. As like thrift store on, think you should. Store, lingerie. Think about this swell even set the mood right there. They've been having fights. Yeah, right. So the thing that Catherine would use to to make up after a fight and said, she'd get real sexy. Yeah. So they go to sleep right prices office leap. She goes and she showers. She puts on the ninety. She comes out hits the boombox come Ston. Craig ING is only as she searched sauntering over the prices. Are you ready for guy? You won't give it shooting EA as nothing..

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