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Sinisa, an owner's manual for proper Use. Uh oh. The Armstrong and Getty show. So do you remember when Rolling Stone put out their list of the 500 greatest songs of all time? 2004. They put it out 17 years ago. I can't believe it was that long ago because I remember Us talking about it on the air and going through the list, Uh, you know, and discussing it and all that sort of stuff and probably even took calls way back then on the whole thing, But that was 17 years ago. Well, they put out a new list of the 500 greatest songs of all time, And they changed. A lot of it, like a third of the list is different. Including a third of the top 100, So it's much different list. But you got to add new stuff, obviously to keep people interested, But I'm not really interested in much of the new stuff, because it's I imagine it's mostly pop music. Um, but we can go look like through like the top 20 or top 10 at some point, See what you think? Yeah, it's kind of fun. I made up a song. You want to hear it? Sure. Okay. It's a new Facebook jingle. If you need a slave Facebook want a murderer? A Navy Facebook. Oh, boy. Want to find a friend? Hire a clown slaughtering entire African town. It's Facebook. Okay, so people say that our voices are hard to tell apart. That was G e t t y g T T Y Jack Armstrong had a wide eyed look during the whole thing obviously did not approve. Here's the story and I can't decide how much to demonize Facebook for this, Um, because I'm a demonize er, you know that. So Facebook doesn't care much about this sort of thing and doesn't have lawyers release so Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it. Of Mark. Yeah, No kidding. Wall Street Journal is on this story. They mentioned the lead the story with a former cop who's who tuned turned into a Facebook investigator. He posted an all staff memo on some of the things that they had discovered in looking into the way Facebook is used. The biggest one is a Mexican drug cartel was using Facebook to recruit, train and pay Hitman. Scores of internal Facebook documents reviewed reviewed by The Wall Street Journal show employees raising alarms about how it's platforms are used in some developing countries where it's user base is already huge and expanding. And they also show that the company frequently found out about this stuff and did very little or nothing at all. For instance, employees flagged that human traffickers in the Middle East used the site to lure women into abusive employment situations in which they were treated like slaves and or forced to perform sex work and became slaves. They warned that armed groups in Ethiopia used the site to incite violence against ethnic minorities. They send alerts to their bosses on organ selling pornography and government action against political dissent. According to the documents all happening on Facebook. The problem is go ahead. Just throw pornography in with slaves and organ selling, like there at the same level. I mean, I'm Not a fan of pornography flying around too easily. But it ain't slavery and harvesting organs nor hiring and paying hitmen in some countries where Facebook operates as few or no people who speak the dialects needed to identify dangerous or criminal uses of the platform. Yeah, we've all heard about, um The people Facebook hires to go over all these different posts and sites and stuff like that. And how it just like the worst job on Earth. Yeah, whole bunch of child porn and then violent stuff and everything like that animal abuse and everything, And you're supposed to look at all these videos and flags, and it makes people actually crazy. Oh, yeah. I've read it harrowing article about that just a couple of weeks ago, But that's if you speak the language and can understand what the hell is even going on. Oh, my God. Yeah. How How are you going to do it in a country where you don't have people who speak that particular language? Now Facebook will tell you, they take down offending posts, but they haven't fixed the system that allowed offenders to repeat the bad behavior, instead writes The Wall Street Journal. Priority is given to retaining users helping business partners and at times placating authoritarian governments who support Facebook sometimes needs to operate within their borders. So, uh, boy, that's just crazy. How does that jingle go again? I had probably best left to slave Facebook. There you go. Well on a murderer, A navy Facebook boy. Want to find a friend. Hire a clown slaughtering entire African town. It's Facebook. That's right. Jumped in to make it clear that that was getting a non Jack Armstrong should go viral. That was Michelangelo singing that song, Our board operator, Michael, We'll be entering Community college today. Of boy. So Nicki Minaj is cousins. Friends. Testicle is still in the news. Believe it or not. Really? Yeah. Just the one or both of them. I don't know. They usually come in a pair in my like us. They work as a team Exactly my experience. I come in a pair Jimmy Kimmel's trying to get the alleged owner of the testicles on his show. Try to get to the bottom of this story. Get no doubt a good guest. I'd tune in for the first time in many, many years. Other news on the way If you miss an hour, go to Armstrong and getty dot com..

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