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Because if people laugh at that joke, and they've been with you the whole time, and so then, and then they walk into the courtroom in the final scene, and then I had to stop and explain how federal court works. And it was like, oh every time. There's no version to right that we're just slamming the brakes momentum of the story and finally hit me if I have a moot court, then I can explain all the rules of how this works and set it up so that people can track what's happening in the final scene and said at first the moot court were just served like a structural need. But then has layer after layer sort of kept coming onto it it became it's it's the core of the movie, it's the scene where or you know, Ruth and Mel have her showdown over Vardi. He see the dynamic of their relationship or mardi comes into Serb-held takeover part of the case. All those dynamics came into play. But there's a lot of characters. There's a lot of moving parts all the sort of big themes are coming in sort of resetting at that moment that was sort of the big complicated moment for me to write. It's a fantastic scene. I really proud of that. And and that was also in your blacklist version, right? That was something that you cracked early. Yeah. That would well early to you. I mean. But but early on we're gonna take a question to from the crowd right there, you serve your hand up. His question was regards to reinspired by the John houseman movie the paper chase for the contract law seen with Stephen root? Yeah. Thank you. That's a great point. It's an Omani. I was what I was trying to say to that scene. It's the same case if you noticed that from the paper chase there in the red her did the casket to spend time with your aunt, and do you know the significance of the broach? So armee and Felicity went to DC before production and spent a little while with Bertha and visitor and chambers and then at her home, and then Felicity and route spent time alone together, just the two of them. And I had said to Ruth, you know, when I had trouble finding uncle Martin on the page. I would read this cookbook that was published by this premium court historical society after he died all the other supreme court spouses put together their favorite recipes that he had cooked, and they published it as a cookbook, which by the way, you can buy and it's a wonderful Christmas gift. And also, I don't percentage of the profits or anything it's called the supreme court cookbook. Now, it's called chef supreme. But it's it's his recipes as he wrote them, and they're really in his voice, you really feel like he's next to you like cracking jokes and telling you how to cook. And he was like an aspiring chemist at one point is live. So the he's got a recipe for bag. That's like it's bread. There's four ingredients. But the recipe goes on for eleven pages. Like there's a whole paragraph about like how much percentage of protein should be in the wheat or. And so they and so I said to Ruth, you know, you should give army coffee that cookbook, and so some stuff like that. All story to lead to stuff like that. And then army to his credit then onset in Montreal. I took that cookbook and cooked dishes out of it invited. Everybody over for dinner and hosted a big meal of artichoke, which is a great way to get to know Marty. If you're going to be mardi cook recipes and hosted in her I wasn't invited. I hear it was great. Now in fairness, I was in New York. And Ruth and fussy just hit it off incredibly. And I know listen, he asked Ruth. Do you have any advice from you know, sort of at the end of the stay together and resist like I've seen your work. You're going to be great. And so I know that it if you wonderful. And then there was the second half of the question approach. I guess oh the broach the brochure something at I had originally. I thought I invented this is actually would which was just something to tie together. The generations of women if you notice in the in the photo on Reuss, desks her mother's wearing the Birch as well..

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