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The game right and and again you wanna keep that rebate he puts out there as long as you can in case you could keep a close and then you could go ahead and score the fourth quarter because again it it takes twice as much out of you to run all over the field as a dvd player second added nine from the 42 flake lockett thory gotten a shotgun gets the snap back to nixon and nixon gets made needed a forty draft roads for safety there to make the stopgo markham at the forty one so mix it has been very ineffective in derry the mall and it's going to bring up down and long gordon eight for cincinnati at the forty one begles two two on third down the versus gave him into game converting just just over twenty eight percent on the year with what's don't want right third and eight gordon law very comfortable fifty backfield shot bathroom receivers left to the right so at the packers will defensively thought calling itself a blitz working god josh first data headed for and he got the ninth time has been sacked this year and since the start of last year the 50th time and that's the most in the league that is why not seven across heater norwich five or common and thus joe the bitterly comes off the light ads play matthews came over the center of that time devin uber wellplotted away trevor davis stands inside his 10yard line do i left i watch out for these lefty punters the ball broke his differently digital live cry pig bad out because of the seven across the ten fifteen pettit said all right at the twenty is now going 425 right side like 35 all the way out to the forty trevor davis he did not have a return darkness near come ahead he gets thirty three they're good field position for the green bay packers when we come back begles are complaining about an illegal block but to no avail and it's going to be green bay ball at the forty when we come back three wanted to go in quarter number one green bay seven cincinnati seven you're listening to the nfl on sports usa were back after these local must no a high school athlete that is excelling both on and off the field mazy nominate then for.

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