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I'm Naomi Lewin. Welcome to classics for kids. John Phillips Sousa. The most American of composers was born in Washington DC in eighteen fifty. Four Sousa was the son of immigrants people born in another country who moved here. His mother came from Germany and his father's family was from Portugal, where Sousa is a very common name. Sousa's father played trombone in the United States Marine band, even before he started school. John Phillips Sousa took music lessons. He learned to play all kinds of instruments, including violin, flute, Kano, cornet, and trombone. After some neighbors complained Sousa extra help on the trombone from his stand by the time, Sousa was thirteen. He was good enough that the leader of a circus ban trying to talk him into running off with them. But when his father found out about the plan, he stuck Sousa in the marine band instead. Semper Fidelis was Souza's personal favorite of all the marches he wrote. It was even played at his funeral, although probably not as cheerfully Semper Fidelis is the Marine Corps motto. It's Latin for always faithful Sousa was pretty faithful to the marine band. He played in it for seven years after that Sousa played violin in theater orchestras, which is how he met his wife. She was a singer in production of Gilbert and Sullivan operetta. He was in the orchestra, Sousa wrote operettas to fifteen of them. Him. Eventually, John Phillips Sousa went back to the marine band and became its conductor. He led very strict rehearsals. So the band started to sound very good and Sousa made changes in the music that the marine band played. He weeded out pieces that weren't so good and added new ones that were especially marches that he wrote. The Washington Post newspaper asked John Philip Sousa to compose a piece to promote an essay contest for its readers. So he did and he named the March Washington Post the Washington Post, became a number one, hit both as a March, and as a dense in America and Europe. At that point of British writer said that if you hunt Strauss junior was the waltz king. Then John Phillips Sousa was the March king and the name March kings stuck. After nearly twelve years leading the marine band, in concerts all over the United States, John Phillips's left to start a band of his own. The Sousa band was not a military band or a marching band. It was a concert band. The famous Sousa band played to sold out houses all over America toward Europe more than once and spent all of nineteen eleven on a round the world tour. During World War One, Susan enlisted in the navy as a band director by then he was sixty two years old and a millionaire. So he told the navy to pay him a salary of just one dollar a month. Sousa felt very strongly about training young musicians. He spent lots of time helping school bands and orchestras, and he made improvements to band instruments. The marching tuba that wraps around your body is named for him. The sousaphone. At the age of seventy seven. John Phillips Sousa was still conducting the ninety died. He had just finished rehearsing for a concert. The last PC conducted in that rehearsal was his most famous March the stars and stripes forever. Next week, the stories, the words and some alternate words to the stars and stripes forever. I may me Lewin I write classics for kids and produce it with Tim lantern at WG UC, Cincinnati. I hope you can join me again for more classics for kids.

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