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Part is taken over here so here's the thing though i look technology great but you can't go all the way thanks other words pyres have a function they can make an instant call it may be incorrect but but you know if you have to go review every play or if you have these sensors in there and the sensors can go bad i mean you put a sensor and a baseball and somebody hits it with an exit velocity of one hundred ten miles an hour how how how good is that since you gotta be not to get broken by that and how much money is it gonna cost to put a sensor in each baseball so even though you may have the technology to be able to do something that doesn't mean you have to use it on saying with the balls and strikes is the technology exists when you have so many mistakes made by on pires now and inconsistencies with balls and strikes why not just make an easy have the machine do it now if the machine breaks down you'll still have a home blade umpired there to make calls and you need somebody to execute the calls at the machine makes so i'm not saying that know get rid of the human element completely but have it as an aide to help you do your job better like we have computers to help us do our normal jobs better.

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