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Hi, there. This is Stephen and Ressano, Co, host, and editor of the Stephen King Boo Club. If you're one of our regular listeners, thank you for joining us. This will not be our usual program if you can keep listening poise. This is not typically overtly political podcast. We have been very open about our own political leanings, because literature and how anyone interact with literature is personal and powerful. Stories are all we have some days. For us in for millions of readers, the stories of Stephen King have been of great comfort. But some days comfort is not appropriate. If you're joining us in real time when this gets published in June of twenty twenty, it will be in the midst of global protests against police brutality. We are scared. We are all so sad and angry. So many have died and so many have been hurt and so many more will be hurt if things are allowed to continue this way. A deep violent vein of racism has been allowed to fester in our nation in our government in our culture and in our police force. In DC president trump called for the domination of protests, person Oy I have been hearing helicopters passed by this apartment for days. Every time a siren passes I'm afraid. Someone new has died. I'm afraid that one of my friends or family will become a Hashtag. In general, I am afraid. Typically when we talk about fear on this program, we talk about the throw of adrenaline the chill of the spine we talk about ghosts and monsters and viruses and abusers. We talk about trauma and the ways that the horror genre can help us cope with trauma. We talk about not shying away from the things that scare us. We might make light of dark themes because it's fun and. Maybe because it gives us a sense of control. We cannot in good conscience do that today. Today are fierce different. But we cannot ignore fear, and we cannot ignore what it requires of us. Here is what we will be doing. We are going dark with our episode this week in an effort to yield space to more important voices..

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