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Because you know growing up we called here but let's see you know wait wait your time isn't it did we caught a tush well tush is another one or two a she but then there's Tessie right now I'm looking off with distance you Nina save searches on the earth see you allow this keyboard is over here yes very loud mostly old doesn't look like it is with Jeez here scary when they C. two C. urban dictionary and is another wait read it Steve Hey Steve what does the world with okay don't read it Steve really please the reader someone needs a smack you Ryan don't read it Steve Kerr let's talk about movies by the way we got an email from Douglas another email our last two emails regarding Ryan this one captured anyone caps lock on the whole thing subject and message caps lock grouch is your subject message Ryan really drill sergeant no punctuation that's a Mike dropping out it's like I got time for this your ruffling the feathers today right yeah of the fellas I guess I guess they're intimidated by how much I command and wrist the mandatory here on the don and Steve show and how much my position is respected me threatening to some icy you need a weekend off I will do you good I need a weekend off yeah you need a weekend off yeah weekend off we all need a weekend off everybody here can you take the weekend off okay all of you I came across this article today suggesting that groundhog day is actually a horror movie and always has been yeah have you watch groundhog day since the Florentine started no it's really become very popular at the beginning of their suspect right up in the Atlantic at the beginning of the quarantine the movies that were sort of had spiked in popularity work contagion Donna you watch contagion I did it was very good outbreak in things like that but as time has gone on more people have moved away from that and the thing in safe into groundhog day because every day sort of starting to feel like the day before we were just talking about that last night house or is it well that's what's kind of exhausting is just the repetition like there isn't nothing is changing yes it says if somebody's talking in a in monotone and reading of an entire book with no inflection that's how it feels yes exactly indeed this is the point of groundhog day now that you know they're kind of tongue in cheek saying that this is a horror movie all along because now that we're living this we're experiencing what it's like to feel like you're living in time that is less defined than it used to be all right but it's I thought they did an interesting job of writing up so it's in it's a pretty quick article but they talk about how it starts with this oh my gosh well I'm stuck in this same day and then he thinks that great that life has no consequences he meets up with some guys at a bowling alley in there like would it be something if you could live the same day there'd be no consequences you could do anything and then he turns his life into just self serving whatever I wanna do is what I'm gonna do and he's not able to actually break out of the cycle of day after day until he starts to live for others instead of for himself selfish in the middle of doing all this stuff and he's trying to take advantage of people trying to steal monies Robbin banks doing all this stuff until he then starts to realize I need to live for other people and then that breaks him out of the rough but the horror component of it is the idea of thinking that it would be cool if you just got to relive the day over and over and there are no consequences meaning at the beginning of the quarantine you're like oh cool I can wake up later I don't have to put pants on for work all of these what feel like freedoms at the beginning turning to trappings as time goes on and the monotony of it all sort of blending together starts to become rather overwhelming mentally so they were saying if in terms of your own personal mental health if you're starting to feel like you're a lot worse off now than you were say week two of all of this there's good reason for that yeah okay means one of my favorite movies I don't remember what it was about I can't all I remember is the alarm clock going off I got you Babe comes on then the alarm song and then I remember the concertante Phil saying yes Andy McDowell and then from there I don't know what this movie's about end and Bill Murray is a curmudgeonly Pittsburgh weatherman who's been sent out to punks a tiny to cover groundhog day yet again you can tell he's just over the B. there's no appeal to him going out there and then they get stuck out there because of a snowstorm and and then when he wakes up the next day he realizes oh my gosh it's the same day again it feels like the radios just replaying the old show but then he looks out his window and punks a tiny which is alive and bustling one day a year is alive and bustling and then he starts realizing wait a minute every day I keep waking up it's the same day and that's when he starts to experiment with if you could live the same day over and over and over again what would you do with it would you do use it to just serve yourself or is the movie eventually would you find a way to better yourself for the betterment of others along it's a great though that you know what Steve guess what I'm doing right now it too yes it's the live I I just love this movie I think it's got a real good close you feel to it doesn't play so well in may but I think it plays well in the quarantine so groundhog day is a groundhog or heart disease the it is ground hog day and I think that's that yeah and that's the name of the movie as well K. holiday in the movie which reminds me behind speaking of movies that don't play well in may every year usually after Christmas my wife and I will watch my favorite holiday movie which is the holiday non Santa it's my favorite non Santa holiday movie with Jack black in Cambodia's Jude law Kate Winslet yeah and with the outstanding could one of the coziest movie scores of all time by the wonderful Hans Zimmer and and we have a watch that and now it's may it's going to be seventy two on Saturday seventy four on Sunday said it was going to be seventy five today Hey Donna Hey you want me to do I don't know maybe look at today's Chaska on my phone not not always reliable let me be clear high of seventy eight today there you go seventy three tomorrow seventy one on Sunday back into the fifties and sixties next week really yes sorry bout all right that's that's alright that's Minnesota the way we roll or to take a break don't forget John Donna and honest owner Steve coming up at eleven thirty today I this one I think is going to be a little bit on the longer side have do we know anything about it all I know is it's over six minutes Randall boy then after after we do that at eleven thirty will get into some Facebook answers to the question tell us about a time he accidentally made a big Ole mess I brewed coffee this morning that when all over the kitchen cabinets the floor under the refrigerator you have to put the pot off the coffee pot has to be there that's right all right we'll get to that coming up later but we have a study when we return momentarily only eighteen percent of us wake up feeling blankets a sleep study we get into it next on don and Steve get your laughs after lunch or anytime.

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