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First and fourth and finished. First and fourth, but it wouldn't be the fairytale conversion of pole position to race win. The Sergio Pérez instead it was Max Verstappen taking the win. Over Ferrari Charles Leclerc by half a second with an enthralling last gas battle between the two, Carlos Sainz finishing third as Ferrari extend their constructors lead over Red Bull. Sergio Pérez did everything right according to Christian Horner until that early pit stop that he took followed a lap later by a safety car with the others in the top fight getting effectively a cheap pit stop demoting Sergio down nothing he could have done about that. Let's analyze what happened, how it played out. What an amazing afternoon of racing. Or evening of racing that was at Alex, and Jess mcfadden, and I know it's early stages of the season, but we saw Charlotte Clark pulling on alongside Max Verstappen after they finished the race giving him the thumbs up and in the podium and interviews afterwards, lots of love shared between them, saying they enjoyed the tough but fair battle between them are a relationship there that we hope stays positive throughout the season and talking relationships, our sponsor of the podcast once again, our friends at better help online therapy. Relationships take work. A lot of us will drop anything to help somebody else and somebody we care about, but how often do you care about yourself, that important relationship where you look after yourself, stick around around halfway through the podcast that I will tell you about our offer with our sponsors better help and what we're doing with them this week. Make sure you keep listening. So, guys, I'll start with Alex. New rules, new cars seems to be working out all right then. Or if we just been lucky for a couple of races, that was a fantastic fantastic couple of hours to spend for any racing fan watching today, wasn't it? It certainly was Martin. But I'm actually, I'm glad you come to me first because I've got a pick you up on something you said on last night's podcast, which I listened to, because I'm a diligent colleague. Sorry to hear that. Someone's got to. And apparently I live in a palatial bedsit. You heard that. I do hear that, yeah. That's quite an interesting description of my one bedroom flat in northeast London. I can happily report that it sits between palatial and bedsit. It is neither of those things, charming, one bed flat. I think that would be the description of grapefruit but no, that amusingly greatly when I heard that. But yeah, what a race. It was very interesting. As you say about Sergio Pérez, very, very unlucky with the timing of his stop. I think he was starting to struggle with his tires. I think it looks like if you just hear the one radio message from Ferrari, it kind of looks like Red Bull got dummy into making that stock, but effectively what Ferrari had done is do the opposite. There's no point pitting on the same lap as the car in front of you. You're definitely going to lose out. Well, it's just going to stay the same effectively. You're gambling on a pit stop going wrong, and they don't tend to do that that often it Red Bull. So yeah, he was very unfortunate at the time in the safety car, although Red Bull, let's face it. I mean, there's still must be riding the high of the safety car they got in Abu Dhabi. So I don't think they can have too many complaints on that fund. And then it won the team won the race anyway, Max Verstappen. But yeah, as you say, Martin, it's the key thing here is the battle once again, a thrilling fight to Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. And I think we're now getting enough evidence to say that yes, these rule changes have really helped. They can follow each other. They can pull off overtakes. They weren't able to last year. But it's interesting, Verstappen says it's less to do with the design of the cars and it's more to do with how the tyres behave, which I know some people go, oh my God, it's still Formula One talking about tires. They are just absolutely critical to the outcome of qualifying performances. That's why Verstappen not necessarily getting the most out of things in both Bahrain and here in Saudi Arabia. But he seems to be thinking that's what's making the battles so exciting. But what I really enjoyed was there was sort of a sense last year a correct sense that it was Verstappen being over the top, the majority of the time going up against Lewis Hamilton, who was choosing not to have accidents. What would happen if Verstappen tried that against another younger rival? And Charles Leclerc, I mean, I've always rated him since I covered him for covered him in formula two. He's a phenomenal driver and showing that he can really, really do it. Wheel to wheel. So yeah, we're starting to see evidence that it is the cars. It is the new eggs that obviously the change to the 18 inch wheels is going to help that. You know, he's going to help he's part of the package of changes. So yeah, as you say, a fantastic, a fantastic racing spectacle. Yeah, a 100%. I mean, this is why we're watching Formula One, right? We want to see racing. So they're delivered, which is great. And very much aligned with what Alex is just said. But for me, I think building on what Alex said and kind of hinting at what you were suggesting there Martin. It was the what I really enjoyed was how clever the racing was. I think from everything was, it wasn't just about who's got the fastest car or where the two top teams today were finding the advances in the disadvantages and using that against one another. It was about it was about the fact that they were cleverly using DRS and kind of playing mind games at 200 miles an hour, which I just still find extremely impressive. The fact that they can do that..

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