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There is mounting speculation that markle mccormack's ladyship over the national son to threat a number of media outlets reporting that a spill motion could be cold when the party meets in camera this morning escort portion my future and joins us now from parliament. House what we know about what happened at the party room meeting the we're out here in the cool is because there wasn't actually a spill motion foreshadowed before the national party. Room started into why we are waiting outside for interrupt. Just being told the barnaby. Joyce has one. That's come from source within the party. Room barnaby joyce will soon be sworn in as deputy prime minister of australia after winning the leadership of the nationals. In a very close contest in camera so first question is. Did you ever think that this day would come a ditch. I absolutely thought this day would come. I always thought that barnaby joyce would at some point returned to the nationals leadership and has happened sir barnaby joyce might say he was caught off guard by this moment evidenced by the fact that he left his hat at home yesterday but not so the host of the. Abc's are in drive program. Patricia velez couple of reasons for that. One of the reasons these it's been three years since he lost the leadership but i believe he never ever ever accepted that loss and he has been campaigning from the day. He lost the latest ship to regain the latest ship. He believes that Losing the lady was essentially on fair and has been agitating for return. Ever since the other reason. I believed it was going to happen. Was i do believe in many ways. Michael mccormack was the accidental lleida. He very much filed to excite the base or party room. He might a load of embarrassing mistakes that was seized upon by people who hated him in the nationals. And more broadly and that made it easier for barnaby joyce to eventually returned to the leadership. The other reason. I thought it would happen. Is because barnaby joyce ease actually quite a very persuasive political operator internally on i some people don't like him externally but internally he's very he's pretty savvy and.

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