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Who's just missing for you if i had a fourth. I'm gonna go man right around scott. Just because you know you put the work in i think inventing a pellet grills phenomenal. And what he's done but watching him on tv. Listen to him on your show and stuff. The guide is put the work in from the second can put a bottle in his mouth. So i think he gets it. He gets the nod for fourth all right so that go ahead and that go ahead So that leaves me and With my pick soap. I am going to go ahead and say number one. I'm looking at this in a couple of different ways. I'm looking at the list. Where if i had a vote. That i would. This is how i would vote. But i'm also looking at it as somebody who's looking to try and pick who is going to be revealed tomorrow and trying to think like the people that are currently in the barbecue hall of fame which could be as we found out last year a completely different line of thinking because of who was in there so with that being said. I think that meet heads is going to be going in I don't think that there is a feeling that it's the third. I think it's wrong for any hall of fame voting to take place to say. Well this is his third time or his tenth time or fifty. You either deserve to be in there or you don't regardless of its the seven hundred and fifty eight thousand time doesn't mean that you've had longevity on the almost and then that puts you off so i saw withstanding the three times. I think that meet had gets over and goes into the barbecue hall of fame. The other two are very very tough i think. Given where pellet cookers are now and where they started imagine joe traeger thought in his wildest dreams that pella cookers would be at the level that they're at now and having as many options as they are. Now i would love to have a month. Showed actually asked that but i think strictly because of where pellet hookers are today. Joe trager is going to be put in first time nominee and six are second or third time nominees here. So that's saying a lot. And then thirdly i have to go with jon marcus not just because i like jon. Marcus and everybody knows i'm a. There's probably no bigger jon. Marcus honk than bees on the show. A number of times. He's advanced my show any number of ways and if when we talk about how our hall of fame people voted in. Or how are they inducted. What i hear back from the general voting population is how many boxes did they check off. Well i think in jon marcus case he can only check one off right it just television or just entertainment portion of it but then when you take into consideration the amount the sheer amount of people that he has introduced inspired infected. Whatever you wanna call it. I don't know if there's been anybody singlehandedly. Aside from me that has has introduced that many people to barbecue in swoop. And it's not like it was over a twenty year p. man it was. You know maybe over the course of a decade or a little bit more but on many different broadcasting cable networks on ones that. You've probably never heard of there. Maybe don't exist anymore. Oh l. n. h. l. n. destination america. He's been on real ass a broadcast networks as well. Cbs abc had him on for memorial. Day one off event so the fact that he has inspired and been a part of. Somebody's inspiration is undeniable. I think in this year. I think jon marcus goes in fourth for me and it pains me to say. It is bill arnold. I think bill. Arnold should be in there but i think it for as much as jon. Marcus has one solid box checked. I think barbecue sauce for as popular as it is and for as many people that use it competition. Based that's a hyper niche. That's not nearly as many people as it is jon marcus infecting through television so And i'm a huge fan. I use it. It's it's one of my go-to sauces the original and the red. I love But i think it's too much of a of a one check box. And i have bill arnold as a four for me and i say that with peace love bill so as we get ready for figuring out so now i got before we get to the singing. Go through here. Was anybody keeping track by chance. There was a just me. I think i was just keeping So definitely going in. I can say this. He has a majority vote. Had definitely also definitely is. The guy was just talking about john. Arcus as the judges are filing so tight. Because you can see the shot there mattie coming or no and let's see rounding it out Truck dear do. We have another boop bill. Arnold have three run to. I believe we have. It is bill arnold so as we take a last look here the list of nine who we have put our whether we knew we were going to do it or not. The people that got the most votes on our voting days. Beat had jon. Marcus and bill arnold so We will see if our popular votes are also in turn popular votes for tomorrow Jeff what's your initial thought on tomorrow. Have we picked what they will pick tomorrow. Yes or no is. I'm going to say. Yeah you ever the optimist jeff rice. He's a champion of course Doug shining yes or no. We've picked the right ones to out of the three. Don't take that sixty six percent. Where i come from and sixty point six percent John solberg we've picked them. Yes or no not a chance in hell russi matsen. Have we picked them yesterday. Man triggers going in. I will say. And i am one hundred percent confident as i say this. Take it to.

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