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Behaviors society becomes how we behave. Next time. You're stuck in traffic. Consider the fact you're part of the problem. The point I walk to work. You get the point. I mean, the point is. Yeah. No, I take responsibility. When something goes wrong relationships, go south take account to your own relationship to the issue. And so I I learned a lot from that. And look I'm someone again, I I'm gonna make mistakes. I will take risks not reckless in life. I I I've done some things that that I will permit the regret I do things that I don't regret that. I learned from that were mistakes. And one of them is a perfect example. I came out with an economic development plan work with McKenzie. And the Brookings institute traveled the country, virtually and physically to learn about best practices economic development. Had a press conference about a thousand people showed up that was a mistake. I don't regret that mistake as it was overshadowed gone ahead of the skis. You know, Jerry was dealing with a twenty seven billion dollar budget deficit. I was focused on the twelve point four percent unemployment business background, and it wasn't his priority at the moment. And he's the governor. I'm not and he was right. I was wrong in that respect though. I don't regret the effort. I do regret not being respectful enough of where he was at that moment. And I hope to next Lieutenant governor considers that exactly. If you talk about that. I know it's hard to eat chicken talking to Jerry about these kinds of things is never easy. I mean, I also there's a familiarity issue just known him forever. Kathleen, Brown's Godfather's my grandfather, my grandfather ran Pat Brown's campaign or charity for district attorney in San Francisco goes back generations. And so there is a familiarity that also. I don't wanna say contempt because there's no because that that's a quotable thing. And so I'm not gonna say that. So I went out on my way to correct that statement. But I, but I it is but the familiarity meant this relationship is a little different put it that way than the traditional Lieutenant governor governor relation. Well, I think we're going to have to leave it there. Thank you so much for coming back homelessness about Jerry, you notice that. Yeah. I'm being very indulgent that all the records. Would you tell them?.

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