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Station six minutes now past four o'clock good morning but Heisinger this is KQED public radio the National Weather Service says there's a beach hazards statement in effect all along the California coast well northern California coast particularly and patchy fog this morning becoming sunny later on today slight chance of lingering showers though in the North Bay through this morning and highs will be in the low to mid sixties all around the bay with some light winds increasing to about fifteen miles per hour later on this afternoon you can expect it to reach sixty degrees in San Francisco today sixty two in Oakland sixty four in Concord and in San Jose sixty eight will be the high in Sacramento in sixty two in Santa Rosa coming up on the California report in LA in the garment industry is getting into the business of making masks in hospital gowns to help fight the corona virus pandemic but our garment workers benefiting from what they're reporting five I work ten hours today today only I'm gonna earn fifty dollars pandemic and garment workers that's coming up on the California reports three chances to hear the California report this morning and every weekday morning nine minutes before six nine minutes before seven and nine minutes before nine form coming up nine to eleven with Michael Krasny when will we get back to normal and when will we see the peak of Kobe nineteen affections in California that's all coming up in the nine o'clock hour it's morning edition from NPR news I'm no well king and I'm David Greene coronavirus is killing African Americans at an alarming rate it is happening in cities like Detroit Chicago Milwaukee it is happening in Louisiana in a moment we'll talk to Louisiana's Republican senator bill Cassidy who is a physician let's go first to his state Louisiana has seen five hundred deaths from covert nineteen seventy percent have been African Americans here's to you can win win for member station W. W. and now just a little over a month ago Ellery James is riding high in Zulus Mardi Gras morning parade.

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