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I don't know like a hand full years. he's she's nowhere near. Yeah i last. I remember checking. She's nowhere near what sarah has. So but yeah there's a lot of sloppiness that was going on there and it's kind of one of those things where okay. Who do you hold accountable for. It is is it just a case where both parties did not really communicate with each other. Some moves that they were going to be doing or. Is this a case right here where you know. Sarah is still trying to learn the wwe system or is this a case right here where no suray isn't the problem. It's ramirez. that's the problem because she still pretty green then exactly like this match. I gotta tied in exactly like it. That's shows made each. It's all but me personally. I didn't exactly like this match. I didn't exactly care for to match jake. Atlas losing to l. a. Night pretty much squash match right here late night. Picking up the dub candice laurey was trying to get india. Hartwill nice hyped up in focused for their match for the nfl t women's tag titles indie sadly missed some beautiful artwork that dexter loomis had created just for her. Jin catch it. As candidates saw refers and while distracting indy was able to hide that artwork and then Dexter loomis actually had appeared in a doorway blinds. Were open once again. Candice distracting indie while. She closed the blinds and everything. I don't understand why. Dexter just didn't knock on the goddamn door personal way but you know it is what it is Let's see llegado del fantasma. They were in rian cutting a promo. He's still allowing his title back in everything 'cause shida in erupted challenging escobar. For next week offering to defend the title was accepted. So that's officially on not her favorite highlight of the night. Split-screen interview between were killed gonzalez. Eh mercedes martinez good shit right here mercedes martinez basically going into this you know. Hey i'm the entering veteran. You know. I've proven my worth. I've had to go through hell and back of had to put in the grind of and put in the time to get to where i am right now. No whereas you you've pretty much had luck on your side. I love that line about being a cookie cutter because essentially what she was saying was in a you pretty much. Guide the golden ticket. You pretty much got to jump in front of the line of women like me. That essentially were laying the foundation for girls. Like you right. I i like that but then also at the same time. I liked our calkins olives. Pretty much counter data and say you know. Yeah you know what you did set the bar you know you did pave the way for women like me and everything but that bar that you say you know. Let's let's be real at barclays pretty much down here. And when i came in i pretty much raised that bar all the way up to here and nobody has been able to reach to my level yet. Nor will you kind of like that whole back and forth that was going on With both women. I felt were kill. Held herself pretty damn well against mercedes martinez Good should good shit By the way not that. It doesn't matter. I don't even know how to hell..

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