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Back Mike Dorsey Scott Michaels with us Scott with Halloween right around the corner do you do anything special for that we have a couple of the events at the shop I I wrote a book about the Rocky Horror Picture Show she will be doing a present presentation about that and we have a couple of other things going on with a horror movie locations tour that we also offer during this during the month of October to what we take people out to where the famous Helene in that Merrill Streep bills are made so that's always pretty popular too spooky movie for you Mike what is. well man I'm not a huge war fan but I would say probably my number one to be the sixth sense. I'd like to love that twist yes that's very strange I like psychological thriller or as opposed to you know slash I was a little kid he said I see dead people yeah right Bruce Willis so good classic come about you Scott favorite horror movie you know I'm I'm an old I'm an old fashioned person I I well old fashioned seventies wise I love Rosemary's baby I think it's my favorite. yeah that's great super one of the best let's take some calls here for you let's start by going to Nicole in Arkansas to get us started hi Nicole. good to have you with us for a like a year to get through perfect perfect timing. my question as I'm not our big Bob on others and murders are because of and my mind was murdered and I. why note shows Charles Manson your documentary. all right Mike let's let you take that why'd you do a documentary on Manson's family. honestly could we week we look around and you know that that story takes place right you know we're kind of the epicenter of where that all happened you know they'll coyote restaurant the Mexican food restaurant where where Sharon Tate and her friends had their last meal the night the diet is right down the street from where I live so it was just around it's got the big expert on the case already so it just was a natural thing for us to make a film about are you too true crime buffs. poorly yeah yeah yeah that definitely I'm more of a you know that the serial crimes of that sort of mind thing the big time once but but yeah yeah definitely what did you think of Ted Bundy Scott. you know a fascinating man and conniving man in a charming man much like much like Manson really but much more much more sneaky. yeah he was he we're a cast with his standing outside is yellow Volkswagen would drop his books indeed have some college or coed pick them up and try to help him and he'd get them into his car and hit him on the head with a branch or flying Korea ended the Ted Bundy tapes box the Netflix is really really good yes it really is he really is and you look at that cute guy in you just wonder what possessed him to be so insane to do that right and the way escaped and all that stuff yeah that would be crazy that with the top of the window there yeah yeah it's almost like Manson you can't believe is that I'll actually happened but it did right now it was like the keystone cops. it's on the here's a serial killer drops or window of a police officer station and they catch your mother actually but just unbelievable but I don't mind when you don't want me interjecting though just about the Manson thing we weren't celebrating mansa we're not trying to you know glamorize man right it just it it is just part of the history of Los Angeles and and LA well we're obsessed with ourselves here. with that. Joe in Long Island New York east of the Rockies Hey Joe go ahead yeah hi guys two quick questions one would be anything happen on flat someone was mentioning three men and a baby is someone might of the mother in law I'm fat I know that chariot race in the band harsh suppose we someone will was actually trampled or even a couple of people on the left and then the sound wondering if there's something that actually happened while filming that's interesting and also do you believe that some of these people but stuff in that hat and an element of truth that which we thought was really just function example might be eyes wide shut I think that was and about how we were per se but it was about maybe the weeds and the hippie Kubrick actually met people like that. well that is far as leg of the three men and a baby thing certain things show up in films that hard to explain now with the internet it's really easy to explain it because we before we stood to watch a movie like the wizard of oz we'd have to wait a year to see it now you just pop it on YouTube or whatever and and there was a story about the munchkin who supposedly hang himself in the background of one of the scenes and now that everyone has this copy on DVD you in HD you can see this is just a bird walking in the distance but people still want to remember that munchkin hanging back there that they left it in the movie now I know the the gentleman is referring to the there's a a child in a window like.

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