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Played footsie with Russia engaging in dubious infrastructure projects and according to reports looking the other way as Russia uses says Budapest as its intelligence hub within the European Union as political noted back in two thousand seventeen Putin has visited Hungary several times since Orban's took office in Hungary was the first European Country Putin visited after his twenty fourteen invasion of Crimea. Russia also regularly boosts or bond in his government on its state run propaganda networks like RT and Sputnik. It's therefore not especially surprising that trump would invite someone like or onto the Oval Office but administration officials. Were against this meeting. They didn't want to take place. According to The Washington Post Trump's advisers tried to stop trump from meeting with Oregon because they knew trump would listen to him over for his own cabinet. According to one former White House official quote basically. Everyone agreed no Orbin meeting because we knew there was a good chance that trump and orban's would bond and get along and quote. We don't know exactly what trump and or von talked about because in something of a trend with trump. There were no official note takers. What was an hour long meeting? What we do know is that one official said that the meeting quote solidified trump's negative views about dolinsky quote an example of the president? They didn't himself under malign influence being steered by it. This is from someone serving in government. Who thinks that? The president is under the malign influence of Putin in May according to another Washington Post Story Mick Mulvaney the acting White House chief of staff and head of Owen be decided to quote take Ukraine policy out of the traditional channels input according to their term the three Amigos goes on top of the name there was former governor of Texas in current US energy. He's Secretary Rick Perry. There was Gordon. Sunland a longtime gop donor who made his fortune in the hotel industry news been serving the US ambassador to the European Union. The fact that he was involved in Ukraine Halsey at all should have raised big red flags because Ukraine is in the European Union. Indian there's also Kurt Volker and we mentioned him last episode because he worked at consulting firm that Ukraine's last president. Petro Poor SHANECO had hired to help set up our relationship with trump and he has been serving as a special envoy to Ukraine Volcker was not some hack. He was an experienced foreign policy. Hand had served in the Bush administration nistration and during his tenure was one of those administration appointees that wasn't a trump acolyte but was a republican and had been waiting for years to serve again in a Republican looking administration and was one of the rare breed. That was willing to do that. Even under trump to the State Department officials normally would have been involved in Ukraine issues. Were told to lay low. So that the three Amigos as they call themselves could get to work.

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