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Sneakers there's a picture of Emily on the B. PT Facebook page they representative Tom when described Emily in a Facebook post as the daughter of a friend and is among those calling for people to spread the word police say anyone with information should call nine one one or the Dorchester detectives unit at six one seven three four three forty three thirty five in Hyde Park Madison Rogers WBZ Boston's news radio really didn't think the payments were bribes that's with Lori Laughlin or husband contend they're accused of paying a half million dollars to get their daughters in the U. S. C. they claim prosecutors are withholding information in that case ABC news legal analyst Aretha Martin says it'll be difficult to get a jury to believe they were just making innocuous donation other defendants have been for store of have felt pressured to take the plea agreements with the prosecuting attorneys they plead guilty many have been sentenced for Lori and her husband from the beginning have maintained that they're innocent and if they wanted this matter to proceed to trial the couple faces decades in prison each year found guilty in the trial expected to start next year in Washington the house set to vote this week on two articles of impeachment against president trump several months ago Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler told ABC in order to impeach the American public needed to be convinced spell a specifically opposing party voters today on ABC's this week program host George Stephanopoulos asked the Nadler of he had failed his own test since our Republican voters over well thing we oppose impeachment this is a continuing threat to the integrity of our elections now this is not a one off impeachment is not a punishment for past behavior this president of sorts foreign interference in the two thousand sixteen election he is openly seeking foreign interference in two thousand twenty election in the poses a continuing threat to our national security and to the integrity of our election toward democratic system itself we cannot permit that to to continue also on ABC's this week house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff says impeaching president trump is the only route to after the president's actions following Robert Muller's testimony it was the day after Bob Miller testified the day after Donald Trump felt that he was beyond accountability for his first misconduct that he was back on the phone this time with presents a Lynskey a trying to get that country to help him cheat the next election that told me this present believes he's above the law and accountable to no one if the articles of impeachment are approved by the house it's on to the Senate speaking on CBS's face the nation from an economic forum in color South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham outline how he thinks things will go there I am clearly made up my mind I'm not trying to hide the fact that I have disdain for the accusations in the process so I don't need any witnesses the president can make a request to call witnesses they can make a record a request a call Mike pence in Palm pale and Joe Biden hunter Biden I am ready to vote on the underlying articles I don't really need to hear a lot of witnesses coming up the moral of the story be prepared this twelve oh three times the server retailers of knowing and all wheel drive traffic on the three good afternoon to David Struff Pelino David new Doug north of the city on four ninety five south bound reports of wind blowing a construction barrel or two around the road by route to a folks through there may want to be a little cautious but otherwise everything else to the north is doing well no troubles on ninety three out of New Hampshire heading towards Boston lower deck in this they can Bridger right on time never connect your inbound is bogging down from the Tobin bridge route one birds heading on to store a drive west because storage drive west a little busy out of leverage circle on the south shore route three north bound a bit tight between two twenty eight and route eighteen and then the expressway north bound tap the brakes are on Columbia road and then some brake lights getting into the o'neill tunnel a fifteen minute ride Braintree to Boston southbound expressways busy through the Braintree split lowering the ninety three north a little heavy between route twenty eight and route.

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