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Severe weather team this morning glenn to get you the most accurate and up to date information we continue to do that we're talking with a deputy commissioner for planning jim esposito from the office of emergency management now there'd be having a press conference with the mayor liberal later this morning but i guess commissioner it's all about planning planning planning for something like this sure good morning so new york city emergency management enacted it our winter weather emergency clan we issued a hazardous travel advisory and we would like to bring attention to the fact that the may declared a local state of emergency as well so the watchwords our safety safety safety we want people to enjoy the day if possible we want people to stay off the roads and highways we want to allow sanitation the opportunity to clear these roadways and highways as quickly as possible of course be aware of all of this slipping and snow related hazards that we have talked about in the past and we want you to go about your business very mindfully and carefully and his new york city does and residents do well they want to check in our neighbors right i mean we hear it all the time about you know checking on the elderly or somebody might need assistance or so much checking done on social media sometimes better to go knocking somebody's door and make sure they're okay right yes absolutely we want you to be in good neighbor we want to check on neighbors especially those who are elderly or those who are disabled and those who may be living alone and we want people to have the support that they need in these times of what can be a difficult conditions appreciated star deputy commissioner for planning jim exposito from the new york city office emergency management thanks for all you do coming up at ten o'clock the governor of new york andrew cuomo will be holding a press conference a briefing on the storm from the javits center i'm chuck the ten ten windstorm death all right glennon don't forget we have more storm coverage from our severe weather team online right.

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