Baffin Bay, Scientist discussed on Weekend Edition Saturday


The arctic the land foods the terrestrial foods are insufficient to feed polar bears so you can think of the sea ice kind of as the polar bears giant dinner plate and it's got these seals laying out there like giant fat pills and that's what the polar bears have specialized on and we also know that there is a linear relationship between global mean temperature and sea ice extend so the warmer it gets the less sea ice we have if we allow the world to continue to warm we'll have less and less ice that the polar bears depend on now for this particular bear i think that there's kind of to take home messages one is given the background that i just gave you we know that longer periods of sea ice absence from areas like baffin bay will result in more and more bears that our food deprived and result in a condition like the image that we've seen here are people have said well we you know we don't really know maybe the bear was schick further reach absolutely and that was the the next point i was going to make is that we know very little about this bear we know that the bears malnourished to the point of starvation i think that the photographers are corrected this despair was probably in its last hours of life but polar bears have very few natural enemies of you know humans have hunted them for millennia and casually wolves can kill the young but for the most part when polar bears die naturally and they do otherwise world it'd be covered with polar bears a a typically it's because of lack of the ability to get food and so they starve and so this spare could have had a broken jaw or could have had other injuries prevented from being ineffective hunter may be it was just unlucky in catching food before the ice went away so far churkin your this video could could be a a kind of wakeup call for people exactly yeah we can't say for sure what caused the problem that this bears experiencing but we do know that ultimately if we don't stop the warming of the world more and more bears will be experiencing this fate and ultimately they'll all be gone stephen amd trump is chief scientist for polar bears international thanks so much for being with us thank you scott.

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