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You do it again seven forty five eastern they tip off against kansas state which be creighton in round one to move to the round of thirty two for the first time jonathan under bruce weber bruce weber had a great run at southern illinois hello my kids thank you for it saying that about me bruce reached the sweet sixteen with the salukis then he went to illinois at a sweet sixteen right away then took illinois to the national championship game against north carolina so he's had a great run in his career but he had never won anything more than a play in game four kansas state until two nights ago and i'll tell you what if you nbc plays the way they played against virginia this is going to be a close game because the retrievers they took whatever they wanted offensively against one of the best defensive teams if not the best offensive team in the country that's what i still can't get over was how they got in the lane over and over again and finished around the rim that surprised me to i could not believe my eyes watching a team that just got hot but it you know that's just for any basketball team jeff if you get hot and urine rhythm you never know what can happen i look at i look at virginia how they lost that game how they shot eighteen percent from three point range right so they didn't shoot it well from the outside okay so did you rebound well no you got out rebounded in the game so you didn't shoot well from the perimeter you got out rebounded and you do not get to the foul line either that's another thing so it's just like three strikes right there it's one of those games were the number one seed just did not take unbc seriously that's the only way you can look at it it's like okay if we hang around we'll find a way out but the thing is that we have to underline your point how is it that a defensive team you're distinction characteristic is defense but yet you continue to allow points in the paid area over and over again and it just continue to raise the the momentum and the energy for you nbc while they won the game you nbc they were clowning virginia at.

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