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Podcasts. Hey, everybody. Welcome bill. Let's get civil. This is the podcast that breaks down politics government structure in dives into the context of current events. But in a super fun way, I'm Lizzy Stewart, comedian feminist and political junkie, and I'm Arden Wallin tasty. Former Senate intern campaign staffer and political strategists in this episode we're going to be tackling the history of political parties, so jumping your time machine. And go back with us. Let's get cynical. Our guest today is Jolanta Greenberg. She's a comedian lovely human, great friend podcast Stor. She's auditing supportive person. She is all things beautiful is out that you can't see. But like really awesome glasses out. Thank you. So. Yeah. So we're going to talk about the history of political parties. Are you ready? Are you ready for this? I need to know so much about it. Okay. I just I just was at the DMV, and I registered to vote in New York finally been absentee for the past decade for Oregon. Yep. It was a mail in ballot. Anyway, they're all manly super easy to just the absentee and. Yeah. Yeah. No Sunday here. And they're like, all right. So I just did that until my driver's license was like you need a new one of me. But I just registered to vote, and I was looking at all the parties, and they're like there's so many the women's women's quality party. I was like shit. I didn't even know about that. Like should. I check it. Like, I don't even what am I doing? I need to know everything. Okay. Great. We're going back in like seventeen ninety two right? Way back and actually sheen political party. Yep. Back in the day set us up where are we? Historian residents or were in seventeen ninety two. And clearly, none of us are at the table. Where are on home wrong wearing like five layers of skirts, and it is always damp at the bottom? With like, yes. Eight children poli, Pat or Brown at UT is that we know where thing we know burned all wave. That was the norm that was normal yesterday named George George Martha with a junior, the only thing I think of when I think of colonial is Virginia. And I just want to apologize to the other states. That were also there the other twelve could not Virginia where more than for chin. There's that's Sochi. They try dates, right? And just like wanna be Virginia's in my opinion yet. So we're starting their seventeen ninety two to eighteen twenty four. Okay. So you've got the federalists. Yes. And the anti federalists it's very what I love about them. Is that it's actually it's very simple. Okay. Tell the health that issue between basically, we're after it were post revolutionary war. Right yet happened in the cool. It sign we won. So we like I've dumped in we'd done this podium. I guess you gave me the date which I know is passed the revolution. Yes. That's of course, you do. Right at the top of my new that there are more states of than Virginia present at the moment. Basically like we have to figure out how to govern each other. So they decided to paraphrase, but they form a government, basically. I'm basically, they wrote the constitution until you have the major players of the federalists who are Alexander Hamilton, John Addison, kind of drew Washington who want a strong national government. They want to ratify the constitution. They wanna create a Bank. They basically want to create like a presence of government, you know, bold government. And then you have the people who are like, no, we don't we don't want your insane rebel literally just got away from England. We don't want a government. We I mean, we want government. But we want them to be like a distant uncle right with government. We don't want and we can choose. Yeah. No women telling me what the Bouch it, exactly. And we don't want it like under a new name..

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