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This morning seventy one south is open again tonight a fire in the seventeen hundred block of Brewster Avenue in Evanston this morning a bus driver called in that the house was on fire no injuries or damage estimate twenty five thousand dollars local teacher accused of improper conduct with a student a statement from Forest Hills school district says a serious accusation has been made against a high school teacher by a student the district says the teachers been placed on administrative leave they have a county sheriff's office has been contacted and at all reportedly involves a male teacher who allegedly touched a female student inappropriately the district says it plans on conducting its own internal investigation as well I'm Jack Crumley newsradio seven hundred WLW the trump administration is supporting a Catholic school in Indiana for firing a teacher who's gay archdiocese of Indianapolis is being sued by Joshua pain Elliott after he was let go by cathedral high school in June for being in a same sex marriage the justice department issued a statement regarding the case saying that the first amendment does per. tech the free exercise of religion and should protect the school's decision justice department out of the courts can't second guess how religious institutions interpret and apply their own religious loss college football today you see big over Marshall forty five to nothing we're in a rain delay at Pittsburgh but they're going to start the game coming up at eight ten our next updates coming up after the game I Matt Rees newsradio seven hundred W. well the Rolling Stone is the definitive outlet for all things music.

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