Becker, Eric Schmitt, Facebook discussed on Rush Limbaugh


I don't know whether dad's gonna be hired becker not don't know uh but it was just twenty years ago while a new 25 tan i don't know how many years ago video like this or a home movie like there's nobody would have thought it was great everybody would have been happy for her having a good time with her mom family getting together today sharing something like that makes you eight target and a focus of genuine dangerous rage and anger it's where we are eric schmitt is vive ceo emeritus of alphabet inc which is google and i of the keys what is so would actual title i don't think he's the active dated no he's not larry pages he's not the active daytoday ceo but there's a story here the fast company dot com about eric schmitt being concerned about all this stuff on facebook and twitter and eric schmitt is asking the corner remembered this guy is considered to be one of the most brilliant computer scientists in the history of computer scientists this guy guys reputations right up there may be beyond gates in terms of brain power he's an extraordinary but he is a multi multi multibillion air in ever since two thousand sixteen presidential election gogol has been under intense scrutiny to acknowledge its role in trafficking russia backed dis information that potentially help shape the outcome of the election you'll googles getting blame for passing along fake news that help trump in some of the most unequivocal unequivocal comments yet the company's executive chairman eric schmitt recently acknowledged after surged giant didn't do enough to safeguard its services against russian manipulation we didn't understand the extent to which governments essentially what the russians did would use had king ju controlling information space it was not something we anticipated strong i worry the russians in 2020 we'll have a lot more powerful tools so this guy is now sign ending on with this rigmarole that the russians did all the hacking and benefited trump and so now the russians.

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