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, visit treat COVID-19 dot com, sponsored by Pfizer. Glad you're with us today, three 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s Dave dill dine with you watching. It's not the George Bush Parkway. I know that George Washington Parkway, southbound slow one 23. It is a multi car crash near the scenic overlooks. It involves upwards of half a dozen vehicles, one by one, they're getting towed, but the left lane remains blocked. Southbound on the GW Parkway. Southbound traffic squeezes by to the right. I would not recommend bailing out on one 23 toward the chain bridge. That is loaded. And I think there's something blocking one of the lanes closer to gleeb road, north glebe road, on south glebe broad, if you are northbound from west glee road, you will not have access to interstate three 95. The ramps to north and southbound three 95 are blocked, you'll have to continue straight ahead toward Walter Reed, southbound on glib road. You do have access to three 95. That is police activity at the interchange. Three 95 and 95 from Washington to Fredericksburg. It will be a slow go, lots of slow stretches of congestion to work through on the wet pavement, but without it a spin outs on the beltway through Maryland and Virginia, definitely a slow rush hour shaping up, given the wet weather and the forecast. But again, we have avoided major crashes. We had a flurry of them earlier in the afternoon. Now we're just kind of slow and taking our time. 66 westbound heavy near oakton and cedarville, but nothing blocking the way as far west as Gainesville. In Maryland on two 70 95 Andy Baltimore, Washington Parkway, volume delays, but remaining without incident. Dave dildy and WTO pay traffic. Let's go to storm team four. I think we have Amelia Draper. Scattered showers tonight with temperatures in the 50s, otherwise cloudy skies. For tomorrow widespread rain during the morning hours that comes to an end around the midday hours and temperatures will fall throughout the day as winds increase. We'll start off Friday with temperatures in the low to mid 60s with temperatures in the 40s by dinnertime and windchills in the 30s and 40s later in the day tomorrow with gossip up to 30 even 40 miles an hour. Sunny and cold on Saturday starting off in the 20s and warming to near 50. I'm storm team four meteorologist Amelia Draper, color of the day is gray, 57 in manassas 58° over at metro center, hello, Frederick, you're at 54°, and it's brought to you by your local Honda

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