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I'm Chris Rose with NFL network now on the Westwood one radio network in a matchup of Patrick Mahomes and Tom Brady. It was Tyree feel that stole the show with 269 yards and three TD catches Brady match Mahomes with three scores of his own, But Tom's two picks helped doom the Bucks in a 27 24 lost to the Chiefs, The Raiders could only manage a pair of field goals. In a 43 6 loss to the Falcons. Derrick Henry got started early with three scores in the first half against the Colts. Henry finished with 100 78 guards on the ground as Tennessee cruise to a 45 26 wins Denver's rookie wide out. Kendall Hitting was elevated to quarterback to face the Saints. He completed just one pass in a 31 23 lost to New Orleans. The Viking spoiled Teddy Bridgewater's homecoming by dropping the Panthers 28 27. Shorthanded. Niners upset the Rams in L. A 23 to 20 and the Jets felt Owen 11 after losing to the Dolphins 22 free. This has been NFL network now on the Westwood one radio network. NFL network that we're all here for football. That is how we started the shoulder. Maybe we're here for the Thursday night. Throw downs. He is the guy that makes everything go Sunday morning breakdowns. Nobody saw it coming. He's all the inside. Low down. He is ready to go Your team. I think he is a great target. Our team back one receiver handy. Every team. This is Here's our trust in a rail network. We're here for football. Hi, I'm Ken.

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