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Road brewery. Is it blurry brewing? Radical Road Brewing Co. I believe Brewing Co. while according to their instagram that right over there radical road brewing Co. actually radical underscore road underscore brewing under spark up. Right here in the heart of Leslie. Ville at eleven seventy seven Queen Street. East Japan memorize in Toronto. No I need to just take a you. Could've you could've totally taking credit for that. Said you did. I don't like lying. So the big announcement this week is. What for concert concert rage against the machine's with run the jewels run. The we've heard that name mother gills all right cool. So you're going thinking of selling my second child could go. Yeah maybe they still raging does rage against the mystique machine still razor. They senior citizens now boomers. Like how old are these guys that the air cadet they continue to rage? I don't know how they're honestly. I don't know I'm GonNa like sitting on chairs. I can't imagine raging. I cannot imagine at all I think they will be absolutely crushing it. So you're going after you saw your second one hundred seventy bucks a ticket starting up from what I understand where the Scotiabank Scotiabank at the bank. They're playing at the volts they're playing at the Scotiabank at King and young good branch. They're open six days a week at that. Td Let's do that seven days a week. Are They Tina seventies now? So what? What's your next concert. You're going to Grandson I think okay. We're going to see grandson early. Have heard early March through an up and coming band. No I bet you why is he? He American Canadian Songwriter. A Great Music. They he played with or he and his band played with some forty one at Echo beach to the summer. Okay cool and what kind of music different different different genre. Yeah it's it can be heavy it can be Melodic. It can break down. Can it's really cool nice. I know I can't really describe it because it's just it's very different. Nice are you going to the Orphan George Release Party a received a calendar. Lloyd from my wife this afternoon. It's in March. They go on to be going to be going. Excellent commanded English language at the moment. I think we're GONNA be going onto that. Nice where is it? Where is it taking place again? I didn't see Harper House as I don't. I didn't even see where all I saw was an invite from Kelley. Go check it out. Go Search Orphan George on your favorite search engine mind. Being Yahoo is our straddling more of ask. Jeeves cog I used to be. I used to be nasty juice person. Alta Vista let's. Let's go back is fire Fox. A SEARCH ENGINE. Now Fire Foxes. A browser is a browser. You in technology nope. I mean advertising technology just because I am brown does not mean to. Whoa WHOA. Whoa hello well expecting no did you watch the Oscars. They did. Yes I did. What did you think of Eminem? Don't know where that came from. Oh so you don't you don't know the story. No the story. I I know the but at the time you're watching it. It's like if it was the twentieth anniversary of the Tenth Anniversary of the twenty fifth. Or The Fiftieth William Winning Award. It was like seventy seventeen years but it was the first rap song to win a quiz. An Oscar yeah. Yeah I think I think I think the Oscars did a really good job of taking up taking every playbook and completely ripping it up and starting from scratch. I thought it was very well done. I thought it was one of the Best Oscars I've seen in a very long time yet. One of the Least Watch Oscars and candidates really one of the least watched how the Oscars. I don't live there but Here's what I don't like about these award shows. Is that the forest the performance to lip sync. You think billy was thinking. Yeah I mean everybody was I. Didn't you know definitively? So eminem was lip synching Elton John was thinking that other guy who played on the piano before all of those guys can't remember his name. He was lip synching. He was good. Yeah they're all thinking and apparently that's the thing because they want it to be perfectly recorded and they're like alive or not and then get them to limp. Sing over the founding. Yeah because he wanted to be perfect. Yeah I don't know I hate it when like even sporting events or whatever when they do that that sucks but like the match property no like when they have bands like Yep. I don't have time free show. Or when the beaches played the Grey Cup. They played life yet farther. No it's not a great. The beaches are great. So yeah but I'm wondering if that was yeah grey. Cup doesn't have the budget to to pre-tape couch cells probably live. Ouch how's probably or maybe. It was just off of the of the cassette CD. Did you see Justin Bieber on Saturday? Night live did not. I'm curious if there was a band backing him up. He was dancing in the musical act. He was yes he was the musical act. I don't know what I think of Justin Bieber. I can't help you with that. I guess he's a good part is very popular. I hear the kids like him. Yeah Yeah I don't know. I'm not a beaver guys. But you really like Billy. I wish I did like billy. I wish I think billy eyelashes was that the guy bad guy. Bad Guys WanNa talk. It's really cool song. It's it's almost like what is it is. It has not the sound but the way the song goes like. It's two songs put together which is similar to like what guests who are questioner. Overdrive have done on. A number of their songs or queen has done with Bohemian rhapsody. I liked that song. Yeah it's poppy. It's Catchy. I remember hearing again good. Remember hearing up thinking man the songwriters behind her and the producers behind her must be absolutely phenomenal and then I found out that have brothers is. She wrote it with a brother and I thought okay. Well the production behind it like the producers must be unbelievable and then I found out she and her brother recorded in his bedroom and I was like now does he. Experience giving both been playing for a number of years this this. She's she's not brand new to the scene recording and playing for years yes has he From what I understand. And this doesn't take away from Credit Du sure heard their parents are in the industry some way or something around there. Yeah I don't know what they do but I understand there in the industry so I'm GonNa Guess based on what I understand that. They've grown up around music. Stand might be good to do that to pull off what they did. Yeah at of at a very production by to them in a bedroom like it's just mind blowing and so what was that. That singer that came out of was New Zealand a few years ago. Lord Lord people were seeing the same thing down about Lord like Oh my God a fresh voice. This is awesome. Where is she now well? She released the she's really music sense. Yeah her her. Is it. Sophomore Freshman saw on how? We're not married so anyway or second album was really good at it. Hits OFF OF THAT SECOND. I think I got some some good airplay but it wasn't the smash hit know about that first. One was really hard and I don't know where I read it but or if I heard it somewhere but like for most bands. Their first record is awesome. And it's I heard someone say they have their whole life to really have experiences and then write songs and then the second album is that much harder because it's like Oh should all of a sudden you have a year. And a half de touring. You're playing a cover your supporting the first album and the record ladies like getting into your second yeah like there are some awesome badge that have amazing albums after their first one and those are like the classics those these are like bads that. Hang around and stick around and can tour forever but it's hard when you've got that first album and maybe a couple of songs after and then it's like what the heck do we do now about material to written for the first album and what didn't make the cut right. Yeah all right well. This has been the pre show with Greg Charleston and Cream Kanji. Go check aside. Welcome to the MUSIC DOT COM on. Ask jeeves or Yahoo or bing high the following podcast is brought to you by radical road brewery. The best craft beer in the heart of Leslie. Bill find him at eleven. Seventy seven Queen Street East. That's radical road brewery. Hello Mon Barney. I'm a singer from here in Toronto. Welcome to the music..

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