Donald Trump, Senate, Brian Mulroney discussed on The Laura Ingraham Show


The way as the outsider who has become trump's man inside the senate like you know he looks like by the way in this picture he looks like brian mulroney from the side the old prime minister of canada has anyone ever told you that senator produce senator david purdue from georgia my friends i senator purdue houria well hey laura howard year electric up but before your thorough review congratulations shout out here are very excited about new park to i obviously i really look the order i will get you know you know what i'm going to say thank you number one number two a lot of you senators are already telling me i'm not going to stay up late you're gonna have to pretape me and i'm gonna say okay then you're not coming on the show okay so you only twenty four seven law yeah okay i mean if you're trump's man inside the senate then you got a role with me at ten o'clock at night i can't you can't that is down you gotta but a button to show up okay because i'm already heard from some of your colleagues at well can you tape me at seven p out like what part of no don't you understand now in and wherever fine show so you're you're gonna wanna come on the shows are going to be a not that any show all the other shows on fox aren't fun but we're going to have a bit of a different approach to some of these issues and do cook by the way because we're gonna work looking segment every night to cook no i'll eat it i'm just i'm just kidding about the cooking at least not right away but they won't apparently we won't get a stove right away but i'm working senator purdue let's talk about where we are here first your comment on the president's speech before we get into the obamacare repeal effort uh and then we're going to talk about the border wall and the razak but what's your reaction to this this to this the caterwauling we're hearing from the media earlier and political elites about trump's use of the word sovereignty which apparently they're just terrified of by here democrat pera walling our president has struck.

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