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Nixon always well, a significant number of people. I don't know we might have a clear cut victory. Over time by that Thursday or Friday. You know Reliance states are really honest. I'm not going to go the ones it on. But you know, really reputation. Honest. You know, like Minnesota plays like that, you know? So I think they will trust account. It is going to be Harry, though, and he's gonna be dead. And we're not gonna have that crackle. We always want what I want. Politics is crackle on Election night. I want to hear a guy Get up there. Teary eyed. Thank us well his workers and say we lost I want to hear that I want And I think the best thing in American politics is the concession speech because the one time in politics we actually got on speeches where they really say their hearts speak their heart. And they thank the people that they should. I've been through them a bit. Campaigns like that. I don't think we're gonna get one of them. I think you're right. But I think you're right. We won't get that magic cathartic moment where the guy said, damn it. I lost Right and the country must come together. That's a tough one. And Gordon did you know, I think some people said by Jerry Ford did it really Well, you know, George Sr. Everybody likes short senior now write the memory of George first Place Bush because he was well, it was Clinton well, and you know, it's good luck. Right. Hey, Chris. So we're playing a little have a little contest here coming up in 8 20 job. Barlow and myself are news guy here and we're picking presidential or presidential candidates quotes that really kind of altered a race and therefore altered the course of American history and ah, who better to ask you? Or why those quotes. What do you think was one of the ones that really changed the dynamic? I think in 1976 very forward likable go. We'd like it took over for next and it was a very close election against in the debate. And he and he talked about Eastern Europe. It was still in the communist world. It was built behind the Iron Curtain. The only we grew up with that and and and he said Eastern Europe is not in the communist Soviet Germany. Hegemony put it. He said that in other words, the Polish people were free. Hungarian people were free. You kidding, Jerry? What do you talking about? Absolutely well, Chris. I got to tell you Thanks a lot. That was my quote in the next pot. So I gotta express would appreciate that. You really helped me out there now. I got some work. Alright, Grace, bad. Great political accommodated. Hey, you're welcome on the show anytime, Chris. Thank you. Okay, take care. All right, so well, I guess I lost the wind from my sails in our upcoming competition, so he gotta scramble the find a president Hegeler presidential candidates quote that changed the course. Of American history. It's well, it's only fun is coming up. Next, you know the biggest names in music or on the radio to our eye.

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