President Trump, Volcker, Treasury Secretary discussed on NPR News Now - NPR News: 07-24-2017 11PM ET


Not after today president trump campaigned on a populist platform talking to working people that's why he won but as soon as he got into office he abandon them as part of their better deal agenda schumer said democrats will work to lower drug prices raise the minimum wage and break up be corporations if they're hurting consumers singling out the airline industry cable companies and even breweries brian naylor npr news berry ville virginia supporters of a former university of cincinnati police officer had planned to march earlier tonight ray tensing was tried twice for the death of an unarmed black motorist but two separate juries could not agree on a verdict from member station wv you bill reinhard the demonstration was supposed to show support for tensing and police in general new organizer posted the cancellation on facebook citing ongoing threats and personal attacks more than a dozen people did show and were met by more than fifty counterprotestors brian taylor with black lives matter says tensing supporters should be worried about threats because all the violence comes from them every single action that we've had has been organized disappoint uh and not seeking to physically arm anymore the counterprotesters say they saw at least one person who displayed a firearm there was no violence in police announced no arrests for npr news i'm bill reinhard in cincinnati and this is npr treasury secretary steve mnuchin has been seeking of roll back of the socalled of volcker rule restricting speculative bank trading.

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