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That most of us to ask you for a for a re he nailed it first he sent it to me and I said Hey re DO re DO he said my name wrong in great meanwhile listen I did ask John or Mike a for money I did that I did both the cameos totally on my own my own time thank you for your donations apple today it has no that that I've never heard of buggy small before but now I'm very predisposed to watching his video you get to keep that video to sell thanks first I'll tell you what is such a Dino guys maybe a hero to my son because I texted him Ricky Ricky the dragon steamboat doorkeeper agree yeah I sent him that if he couldn't believe it he was like that is amazing so you guys maybe look like a hero I don't even know who the guy was only two years about punky well I know when I thought I I'm pretty sure he knows who plucky small who does well well I yelled me I probably a lot of people should we fire off another one Seth I got when they can my really warm the moment yeah and then a special guest is here okay ready yeah Tara yeah terra yes my daughter he was watching she was watching all the cameos and all the videos that people sign she loves watching that stuff so we just had do one quickly man thinking about Xander to no not at all.

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